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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

by Jackie
May 2005

Ice is something you will be replenishing quite often. It melts overnight in the cockpit coolers but will last longer if you keep an extra bag or two in the refrigerator for your drinks. Any time you or your crew go ashore, it's wise to check your ice supply before leaving the boat. Chances are you will be returning with a few bags. Ice is available at all the popular anchorages and it is on average $4 a bag. The exceptions are Cooper, Peter and Norman, where none of these services are available. There is however a small black open powerboat named DELIVERANCE that services these 3 islands. It starts at Cooper about 3 pm and ends up in the Bight on Norman around 5:30. On board it has large bags of ice ($5), trash removal for $3 a bag, juices, beer, ice cream bars and the largest, gooiest breakfast pastries I have seen. They stand by on channel 16, so if they do not happen by your boat you can call them.

Trash removal is another going ashore question. The rule of thumb is, if you can buy ice there you can normally drop off your trash. Some places do charge. In Sopers Hole and on Marina Key, I paid $2 a bag to place the bag in a container. Bitter End, in Gorda Sound, has a tender, that picks up trash from your boat at $3 a bag. On Cooper, Peter and Norman, 'The Deliverance' is your only option.

Many charterers find themselves running low on water before their charter is finished. I've always felt there is a true skill to knowing how to conserve water on the boat, but finding an entire crew that feel that way is just not the norm, so you may well have to pull up to a dock and pay 15-20 cents a gallon. Marina Cay and Leverick Bay both offer easy access and are not too busy most of the time. Saba Rock in Gorda Sound has been advertising that if you rent a mooring from them, they will give you up to 250 gallons of water and a bag of ice free, which is a pretty good deal. Soper's Hole in the West End has water but the dock is usually very busy. Remember to pay close attention at your boat briefing as to how to switch your water tanks when one becomes dry!

Should you need to do laundry, there are facilities at Marina Cay and at Leverick Bay. While waiting, there are showers ashore or you can pass the time at Pussers' bar and restaurant.

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