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Planes, Trains and Automobiles or "New World Order" travel tips.
by Gordon
October 2006

I'm back from my whirlwind trip to St. Thomas and Tortola, visiting the charter companies and inspecting the boats. The weather was absolutely beautiful in fact I have to say it was just as nice or nicer than times I have been there in May. It's like we always say, "the weather really doesn't vary that much year round".

My title is a bit misleading, there was no train, but there was a bus and a ferry. The trip down had it's usual travel issues, compounded by the recent "NO FLUIDS ON THE PLANE!" rule. I usually pack everything in a carry-on bag, but decided that this is no longer a practical option. Most folks agree that we had all better get used to these regulations and "carry on" becoming a thing of the past.

The lines at the security check points moved well, as they have really staffed up to meet the demands of these new world travel requirements. I use the e-ticket program and again I have to say this works well and does save time in line, once you get used to looking for the little terminals. When you get your boarding pass from the machine, they call you to check your bag and you are on your way. Keep your eyes open for these, they are not always obvious and at one stop I stood in line for a few minutes before I saw them. Everything else is pretty much the same as before, except there is a lot less bag thrashing in the aisles during boarding etc..

From downtown Charlotte Amalie, I took the Smith's ferry to Tortola. An interesting jet powered catamaran affair, which I must say, steps right along. A quick stop at West End and we were off to Roadtown, my last stop for the day. Smith's Ferry does offer reservations and taxi pickup at the airport, which is a nice service. Thanks again Scott, for picking me up and loaning me the truck - it made life a lot easier!

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