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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

by Jackie
December 2006

You were lucky enough to get a boat in The BVI over New Year’s!  Now you are thinking of the best way to celebrate.  Here are a few choices:

Foxy’s, on Jost Van Dyke, has always had the reputation of being the ‘party spot’. Although it is an all out great time, it does have it's drawbacks.  There are no moorings in Great Harbor and anchoring is very tight - it's sometimes difficult in the best conditions.  Late arrivals can find themselves anchoring in the open sea, but even if you arrive a day or so early, you will still have to deal with the others who come later and try to drop anchor in your immediate area.  There are many stories of dragging boats, tangled anchor lines and revellers knocking on hulls in the wee hours trying to find the boat they are supposed to be on!  If you go to Diamond Cay ( the site of Foxy’s Taboo) you can take a cab to Great Harbor but it costs about $40 each way.  Some take the ferry from Sopers Hole, but that can be a chaotic nightmare with hundreds trying to jam on the boat.  Foxy's is really more for the serious party crowd. 

Cane Garden Bay offers several restaurants with live entertainment.  The younger locals party there frequently so it can get quite lively. 

Another spot is Trellis Bay. It’s a protected anchorage and has loads of moorings. There are several restaurants to choose from.  The Last Resort is fun (not wild) with good food and music. If you choose to stay until midnight there will be fireworks. The Loose Mongoose, on the beach, is also a good choice for food and drink. There is the lighting of the huge fireballs on the beach with fireworks. Local people like to bring their families as there are ‘mocko jumbies’ (people on stilts) that are entertaining and fun to watch.  Pussers on Marina Cay has food and entertainment also. 

If you are in Gorda Sound, you might go to Saba Rock.  They will have music, dancing and dining.  You might need to anchor as they only have 12 moorings, but it is a really good anchorage and is less windy than the Bitter End. 

Going to Anegada is always a good time.  Not only can you explore the island and enjoy the beaches during the day, you will also have a glorious view of the sunset.  The New Year can be celebrated at the Anegada Reef Hotel.  They are promising lively music and of course their infamous fresh lobster. Moorings are limited, so be sure to arrive early. There is an anchorage area for boats drawing under 7’.  Latecomers and larger yachts have to anchor outside the harbor reef which can make for a very rolly night. 

Remember there are no mooring reservations in the BVI.  It is strictly first come, first serve. 

Whichever choice you decide upon, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic and fun NEW YEAR IN THE BVI!

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