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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

Past charterers can re-live the memories and vote for their favorite!

by Ed
May 2007

Last month's poll on 'tipping' was the biggest yet - see the results and read some of the comments from readers. Polls are always kept open so feel free to vote on any past articles.)

Cane Garden Bay
Quito Rhymer is an extremely popular local musician who can be found performing at his bar/restaurant, ‘Quito’s Gazebo’.

Further down the beach, Al Henley’s Big Banana Paradise Club, Rhymers Beach Bar, Stanley’s Welcome Bar and Myett’s Garden and Grill all offer meals, drinks and live music on selected nights. Luckily for boats anchored in the bay, the bars try to alternate nights. The way sound travels across water, two steel bands playing at the same time is never music to even the most enthusiastic ears!

West End/Sopers Hole
Pussers Landing & Company Store has two restaurants and a variety of shops, but it also has a popular bar.
Hint - when you order your first 'Pussers Pain Killer', ask for a card. After visiting three different Pussers bars (and having a painkiller at each) you will get a Pussers Triangle Pennant you can fly from your boat - or hang at home!

Road Town
‘The Pub’, below the Fort Burt Hotel, was the original bar in Road Town in The 60’s/70’s. It lost popularity in subsequent years, but is now a lively spot, particularly on weekends.

There are bars at Village Cay Marina, Mariner Inn, Pussers waterfront and many other locations in town, but we feel these can hardly be considered beach bars, although many people visit them when starting and finishing their charter.

Trellis Bay

The Last Resort has been synonymous with live entertainment since the beginning of chartering. Tony Snell has retired and the restaurant is now run by Tony & Jackie’s daughter and her husband. Emphasis is now more on the restaurant, but there is still great live entertainment each night.

On the south shore of the bay, there is quite an assortment of local shops, artist studios, bars and restaurants. The monthly Trellis Bay Full Moon party is not to be missed. Two large ‘fireballs’ are lit and there is dancing well into the night.

Now owned by Pussers, this famous island resort has a bar at the very top of the island, offering great sunset views and live music some nights.

The infamous Willie T is an out and out party spot with plenty of drinking and wild antics. Until last year (when a customer almost drowned) you could get a special Willie T tee-shirt by jumping off the top deck au natural. Expect the unexpected. Not recommended for children or the faint hearted!

Pirates Bight offers a more relaxed way to watch the sunset, but also has music, dancing and a very popular Happy Hour with every exotic frozen drink you can imagine.

Cooper Island Beach Club
This popular restaurant and bar are on beautiful Manchioneel Beach. A nice place to have a drink and watch the sun set over The Drake Channel.


White Bay
The Soggy Dollar Bar is famous for its ‘Painkillers’, which were actually first invented here. The original recipe is a secret, making all others copies!

Great Harbor
Foxy’s Tamarind Bar. This bar has certainly changed from the early 1970’s, when Ed used to bring his charterers to listen to Foxy play true calypso while eating lobster together at one long table. It has grown enormously and Foxy has become a legend. You can still occasionally see him playing there, often in the afternoons, but the place is really run by Foxy and Tessa’s daughter. All kinds of talented local bands and musicians play here. The music and dancing can go on late into the night. Besides the bar and restaurant, there is also a large gift shop with a wide variety of local items, including CDs and the obligatory Foxy’s T-shirt. Be sure to bring something personal you can tack to the ceiling. Business cards, hats and yes, underwear - it's all there! Not for everyone, but most people at least stop in and have a drink.

Little Harbor
‘Abe’s by the Sea’, ‘Sidney’s Peace and Love’ and ‘Harris’ Place’ are all established local restaurants and bars.

Little Jost Van Dyke
‘Foxy's Taboo’ restaurant and bar is the new 'in' place. You are more likely to meet Foxy here than at his original bar. Moorings are available, but this can be a rough spot in unsettled weather.


Spanish Town
The Bath and Turtle Pub often has live music and dancing.

The Baths
Poor Man's Bar. A great place to relax after snorkeling.

North Sound
Leverick Bay has a beach barbecue every Friday, with live music and entertainment.

Sand Box. A casual bar and restaurant offering lunch and dinner.

The Bitter End is a large resort with shops, water sport facilities, restaurant and an English pub, but they often also have live music and entertainment.

Saba Rock
An excellent restaurant and bar on a tiny island. Popular 'two for one' Happy Hour, while watching a fabulous sunset over The Sound.

If you're swimming at Loblolly Bay, base yourself close to The Big Bamboo. Great lunches and a large outdoor bar just steps from the beach.

Anegada Reef Hotel, Restaurant and Bar. The closest bar to the dock. Popular, casual atmosphere, but if you want to stay for the famous lobster, let them know ahead of time!

Neptune's Treasure. A quieter restaurant and bar further down the beach. On weekends the bar can come alive with music and an influx of Tortola residents looking for a weekend away!

Past charterers, boat crews - let's hear from you!
(we probably already know which one will win but it will be fun hearing your stories!)

CLICK HERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE - and add comments or special memories if you wish!
Use the comments box to add any favorite choices we haven't mentioned (remember they have to be on or close to the water). Only vote if you have personally visited the bar. Crews should vote based on their charterer's favorites, not their own! Feel free to add a second and third choice if you cannot decide!

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