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by Emily
May 2007

For guests looking for a summer destination close to home, but with a tropical feel, perhaps it's time to consider Bermuda. Motor Yacht 'Bermuda IV' is a luxury live-aboard dive yacht (the only one of its kind in Bermuda) available for charters. This easy to reach destination is only an hour and forty-five minutes from New York and 2 hours from Boston, Washington or Florida.

Captain Michael Davis and his professional crew love to show guests around their home and mix a fabulous vacation of diving, watersport and historical tours. The yacht has also allied itself with other local companies to provide its guests with access to jetskis, parasailing and other activities.

As far as diving is concerned, both Captain Michael and mate, Christine East, are excellent dive instructors, ready to introduce guests to some exclusive diving locations. 'Bermuda IV' and her crew were recently written up in Sport Diver Magazine and Worlds Best Diving Resorts. Below is a sample itinerary of what this wonderful yacht has to offer.

DAY 1 -
Guests arrive and settle into their cabins. Ship departs from the dock and cruises Hamilton Harbour with a champagne reception with canapès. Cruise either St. George's Harbour via North Shore or to Jenning's Bay in Southampton in the Great Sound. A formal 5 course dinner is served inside. The Captain will join the guests for dinner.

Day 2 -
There is no better way to understand the beauty of Bermuda than to see the coral reefs up close. So let's go for a snorkel or a SCUBA dive on some fantastic reef. If you don't dive, they have a Master SCUBA Diver Trainer on board who can give you an introduction to SCUBA. For snorkelers there are fish, corals and sandy bottoms. Lunch, afternoon tea.
We cruise back into a protected natural bay. Castle Harbour is a rarely used area of Bermuda. We anchor next to some very famous people's houses. Bermuda has no other large luxury yachts, so you are by yourself in peace and quiet in Tuckers Town.
Dinner this evening is served outside on the aft deck.

Day 3 -
From Castle Harbour and Tuckers Town we cruise along South Shore to some more fantastic reef or dive sites depending on what you want to do. If the weather is bad or you would prefer to explore the historic town of St. George's, we put into St. George's Harbour and you can walk around the old fortified town. Quaint shops and friendly people are everywhere. Want to get some more exercise? We can arrange for you to visit the Bermuda center for Ocean Research, open to the public or take a walk down historic Ferry Point Park with it's 17th century Martello Tower and tiny exclusive Whale Bone Bay beach. Perfect for a quick dip.

Day 4 -
Snorkel sea gardens, tender explore, railroad trails.
There is lots of Bermuda to see. How about today we go see the famous Pink sand beaches? Literally miles of pink sand beaches punctuated by small coves and inlets stretch the length of the south shore. Horseshoe Beach was rated one of the most picturesque beaches in the world. The sand is soft, white, clean and the water clear blue.
Spend the day at the beach. Walk along the trails behind the beaches or find a private little cove to claim as your own for the day. We can make a picnic lunch for you, or you can get lunch from the beach house on Horseshoe. Depending on the weather the chef may choose to fire up the barbecue for an al-fresco grill of Bermuda delights.

Day 5 -
What can we do today? How about some parasailing? The parasail boat will pick you up from the stern of 'Bermuda IV' and take you 200 feet in the air! Maybe you would like to cycle around the Somerset area of Bermuda? So much stuff to do. The Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (highly recommended to see gold treasure), the Dockyard shopping area, the Maritime Museum and the list goes on. We can provide you with brochures for all the activities. Private transportation will take you to any destination. Want to SCUBA dive again? No problem. We even have locations where some people can dive and others can swim in shallow water.

Day 6 -
Deep dive or beach, Hamilton dock, dinner Prima Vera
Need to get some shopping in? How about we go for another snorkel or maybe some crazy tubing behind the tender? There are some special reefs that you haven't seen yet, called the Sea Gardens. We can see those first and then come back into the city of Hamilton for some serious shopping!
Dinner will be at Prima Vera, a little Italian restaurant, or any other of Bermuda's high quality restaurants in Hamilton you would like. The Barracuda Grill? Hog Penny Pub? The Pickled Onion? They all offer really good food and varying price levels. We can also make reservations for you at some of Bermuda's most exclusive and special restaurants like Tom Moores Tavern or The Four Ways Inn.

Day 7 -
Got time for a quick snorkel before getting on that flight? The Sea Gardens are just a short 30 minute cruise.

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