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by Gordon
May 2007

Let's talk about power. No not the kind that runs countries but the electrical kind that runs boats. All charter boats function on 12 volt power for their basic systems. The lights, the engine starting, the water pump etc. etc. etc. just like your car. No 110 volts - why are you laughing? You would be surprised how often this has become an issue in recent years, and always two days before the charter starts. If you need power to charge your I-pod or plug in your hair dryer or C-Pap machine, we need to discuss this when selecting a boat - most boats in charter do not offer 110v. The few boats that do have 110v generators are generally 42 feet and up.

All charter boats have an auto style 12 volt cigarette plug in the nav. station so if you have a way to use any specific item (lap top, i-pod, cell phone) in your car then you can do it on the boat. You can rent an inverter that turns 12 volts into 110 volts but be prepared to run the engine a lot more than usual because inverters consume a lot of power. Most hair dryers are 1500 watts so even with a fairly big inverter, they may still not be an option. We can usually accommodate most requests and are happy to do so, but we need to know before the boat is booked. You can also go to www.renport.com for a boatload (sorry) of this kind of equipment to rent.

Next let's talk about all that reading material. In the old days we talked regularly on the phone and most questions got answered in the general course of things. These days it's all about email and text messages. We all have so much to read in our daily lives that I think that instead of getting better at it, we are getting worse, and yes, I include myself in this - I am just as guilty as anyone!

The reason I bring this up (again) is purely self serving. So many problems or issues that come up late in the game are because something was not carefully read, or perhaps not read at all. Providing all the information that is needed to choose the best boat or ensure a smooth, worry free charter is the core of our business. We have spent years developing our literature and actually work on improving it every day, often with the help of our clients. Don't assume anything, if you can't find the information you need, please ask. That is why we are here. ~~~~_/) ~~~~

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