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by Ed
August 2007

For anyone thinking of chartering with a large family or group of families, here’s a suggestion:

Dan and Tina wanted to give their daughter and seven of her girlfriends a graduation present. Instead of chartering one huge boat, they decided to put the 'kids' on one boat and they took another. The girls loved doing their own thing and the parents, who were smart enough to realize this, enjoyed a more relaxed holiday by themselves. They all met up at pre-planned anchorages.

Both charters were an enormous success. To quote from Dan’s follow-up letter, “the girls got exactly what they wanted . . . sailing throughout The Caribbean without the prying eyes of watchful parents . . . a youthful and attentive crew . . . great food and snorkeling and diving. It doesn’t get any better than this! They had the time of their lives . . . all said it was the best trip ever.”

By splitting the charter, a broker can also be more creative with the selection of boats. The girls sailed on ‘Promenade’, which is an older style trimaran, run by a young crew. They offer a wide range of water sports, good food and a casual atmosphere. The parents went on ‘Charme’ – a brand new Lagoon 51 with modern, comfortable accommodations, lots of space for a small group to ‘wind down’ and good food, plus attentive service, but with a relaxed and easy going atmosphere.

In earlier years, we booked many charters this way and I am not sure why they are not as popular now. Parents in the US are happy to send their children off to summer camp, but a tandem charter is actually more of a vacation, where parents and kids can get together when and where they want. Meeting up could vary from visiting almost every meal (boats could sail in tandem, racing each other up and down the Drakes Channel), to a few evenings in the week, for more adult kids.

The key is in the choice of boat. Kids (particularly teenagers) need a crew that is responsible, yet fun, who can provide all kinds of water sports and other activities they wouldn’t find in a ‘normal’ vacation. They are not worried about rustic (or even basic) accommodations.

Parents appreciate more luxury, fine dining, quality wines and good service. Being with the family is fun, but it’s also important to have time to relax in a hammock with a book, away from thoughts of the office or parental duties.

Bob summed it up very well:

“Promenade and Charme are very different yachts with very different crews . . . there is an art and science in matching boat/crew/client . . . no way we could have made the right selection without your help. So . . . many thanks to you and your staff for a very enjoyable and memorable week in the BVI. Yes, I will be using Ed Hamilton & Co. again . . . excellent service, excellent boat crew intelligence. Well done!”

Thank you Dan for your kind comments! We look forward to arranging more charters like yours!

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