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CUSTOMIZE YOUR BAREBOAT. Where to rent that extra equipment.

by Jackie
August 2007

The term bareboat means that you and your crew are the skipper and crew of the yacht you have chosen to charter.  It also means you will have cooking facilities below deck, barbecue for outside grilling, and all galley equipment needed to prepare a fine meal.  Linens and towels will also be on board.  Most boats are not equipped with a generator, so your only voltage is a 12V outlet usually located in the nav station (basically a cigarette lighter as you have in your car). But for many there is the dream of ‘booze in the blender’, lots of fun in the water, keeping children amused and all the while having communications with the world back home.  That is not a problem, as there are a few companies – primarily in the British Virgins that are happy to meet your needs.

Renport, in Tortola, offers numerous rentals for your boat on a weekly basis.  They have several levels of power pak inverters available which will serve your every need.  They start at the 500 watt inverter that will charge your cell phone, electric toothbrush or shaver (no hair dryer at that wattage) for $35 a week and go up to the 1200 watt that can run a coffee maker with filters, blender and a 1000 watt hair dryer for $84 a week.  Numerous other options are available for DVD movies and games.  Their user friendly web site is www.renport.com. With advanced reservation they will deliver to your boat and explain the set-up to you.

For water sports in the BVI, try Last Stop Water Sports, in Tortola.  They supply windsurfers from beginner level at $161 a week to expert at $259 a week. Kayaks are $119 a week for single and $161 for a double.  Tie downs are included and they deliver to your boat.  They also have a selection of float boards and view boards for $23 a week.  Their web site is www.laststopsports.com.

We do suggest you speak with us first if you are looking at several water sport extras, as not all boats can accommodate more than one large kayak or windsurfer.

As you go further ‘down island’ in the Caribbean, these types of rental shops become harder to find.

So your bareboat doesn’t need to be bare.  For a reasonable price you can add those extras - for even more fun in paradise!

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