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Ever dreamed of going somewhere totally different?

by Ed
December 2007

Tuamotu villageManilo, a guest who chartered with us this summer, could choose to vacation virtually anywhere in the world. He and his wife could have stayed in a luxurious resort with attentive staff and every convenience. What made them choose two weeks on a relatively plain yacht, designed for ocean cruising, in some of the most remote islands in the Pacific, with none of the ‘conveniences’ we take for granted – and why was it one of the best vacations they have ever had?

The Tuamotus are not for everyone. Getting there involves an 8 hour flight from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti, and a local flight to Rangiroa that flies on certain days of the week. Charter fees are understandably higher than in the more competitive Caribbean. Tuamotu beachCell phones and internet connections are unreliable once you leave the major islands. There are no supermarkets, and ‘Western style’ foods are scarce and expensive.

15,000 residents live on 76 islands (atolls) scattered over an area 1200 miles wide or about the distance from New York to Florida. The islanders live simply, in harmony with their surroundings. Most islands are less than 20 feet high. There is little tourism and few places that cater to tourists - just friendly islanders offering a sincere welcome.

The type of person that enjoys The Tuamotus is someone who Tuamotu coraldoesn’t need urban conveniences, who has a genuine interest in seeing new remote places, but who has a respect for the people living there and for their different ways. Scuba divers (or snorkelers) will see more sharks, exotic fish and coral than they can imagine, all in a pristine environment. It's a diver's paradise. Then there are also the famous black pearls...

Choosing the right boat is key. The crew on Manlio’s charter had sailed to every part of the world, including Antarctica. They knew and loved The Tuamotus – they have lived there for several years and have cruised throughout the area.Pacific island. Tuamotu atoll

We enjoyed planning this charter and were so pleased to hear Manlio’s ecstatic post charter phone call – from a man who could have chosen any vacation in the world!

IRay. Scuba in the Tuamotu Pacific Islandsf you feel this is the type of vacation you are looking for, give us a call! We would love to hear from you.

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