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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

Ed - January 2009

Everyone seems to have been affected by the dismal economy, but we have seen over the years that there are always people who charter regularly, year to year. This is particularly true with bareboats, where we are seeing sales only slightly lower than last year.

Crewed yachts are more affected, but less than you might imagine. Looking at the Caribbean calendars for March, there are surprisingly few spaces, but of course much of this was sold before the stock market slow down.

We feel that popular crewed boats that offer high standards at a fair price and typically book well ahead will still be busy, even in these slower times. The second tier boats, that tend to fill when availability becomes tight, might not be in as good a position, until confidence in the economy returns.

There will always be people attracted to special deals, but the secret here is to look for value for money, rather than lowest prices regardless of quality. There are some boats that were previously overpriced and even with the discount, are less attractive than a lesser known boat offered at the same price.

We are very aware that times are hard, but a vacation can work wonders and there is no better time to charter. We can help you find ways to still take that fabulous vacation without breaking the bank. Use our expertise to find not just the lowest price but a boat and crew you will really enjoy, offering true value for money. The deals are there - in every price range.

We'd like to hear how the economy is affecting your plans. Click on a radio button to select an answer. You can see how readers voted at our Results Page.

I will spend about the same and will use these tougher times
to get more boat for my money.

I will be staying at home or choosing a different vacation this year.

I want to charter but need to find ways of reducing the cost.

If you checked the last option, tell us which cost reducing plan appeals the most, besides looking for the best value.

I will charter a smaller boat.

I will charter for fewer days

Combination of the above.

Cheapest price regardless of condition

None of the above.

Feel free to add comments in the box below if more than one idea sounds interesting or if you have other ideas/comments. We will print a selection of comments we feel will be helpful to clients.


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