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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection


There are two popular charter routes when sailing the Grenadines
A. Start and finish in St. Vincent
B. Start in St. Vincent and sail one way to Grenada.
Unless you are seasoned sailors, it is best to avoid reversing this one way route, i.e. starting from Grenada and sailing north to the Grenadines. Crossing the open water north of Grenada is often a beat and can be rough.

The itineries are for 10 days, with suggestions on shortening them to 7. For bareboaters, TMM, Barefoot and Sunsail have bases in St. Vincent, Moorings in Canouan and Horizon in Grenada.

Most flights arrive in the evening so guests stay in a hotel, starting the charter at midday the next day.

Young Island Cut, St. Vincent, Grenadines
Day 1. Join the boat in Young Island Cut, a few minutes from the airport. St. Vincent has some nice botanical gardens to visit if you have time. Sail to Bequia, arriving in the evening.

Day 2. Spend the day in Bequia. This is a fabulous island with some great local shops, bars and things to see. Laid back and beautiful. Sail to Friendship Bay, on the south side in the afternoon, or stay in Admiralty Bay for the second night.

Day 3. Sail to exclusive Mustique, home of the rich and famous. Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt, David Bowie and Raquel Welsh all have homes here. Basils Bar, on the waterfront, and The Cotton House are famous meeting places. Night anchorage on a mooring in Mustique.

Bequia boats, Grenadines
Day 4. Sail to the famous Tobago Cays, arriving in the afternoon. A snorkeling paradise with huge areas of coral reef. The local government has made this whole area a National Park, above and below the water.

Day 5. Spend the day at The Tobago Cays. Instead of spending a second night at the Cays, you could visit beautiful nearby Mayreau (see 3rd picture).

Day 6. Sail to Petit St. Vincent or Palm Island. Both are small exclusive island resorts. The rooms at PSV each have two flag poles. Raise one flag when you want something - the other when you want to be left alone.

Day 7. Sail to Union Island and clear customs in Clifton Harbor. This is a busy harbor with shops and markets, but without the character of Bequia. It does, however, have some good restaurants and bars. Sail to Carricaou and check in to customs at Hillsborough, the town. Overnight in peaceful Tyrrel Bay,with its famous mangrove swamp. Worth a trip in the dinghy.

Mayreau, Grenadines
Day 8. Sail to Petite Martinique, or to Union. Check in at customs. Sail on to tiny, beautiful Mayreau for the night, with its 150 residents and two pristine anchorages.

Day 9. Sail to Canouan for lunch. Then on to Bequia, arriving in the evening.

Day 10. Early sail to St. Vincent, disembarking at midday to fly home.

Many people don't want to bother to go through customs, so they omit Carriacou and Petite Martinique, and spend more time in the islands further north, as there is so much to see there. This can, of course, be decided during the trip. If not going to Carriacou, Chatham Bay on the west side of Union is a nice overnight.

Note: For a 7 day charter, omit Day 7 and Day 8 (Carriacaou and Petite Martinique). Spend one night instead of two at either Bequia or the Tobago Cays.


Tobago Cays, Grenadines
Day 1 to Day 7, same as suggestion A.

Day 8. There are no overnight anchorages and only one possible lunch stop between Carriacou and St. Georges, at the southern end of Grenada, so most of the day is spent sailing this 30 mile passage. The first part, past Isle de Ronde and Kick em Jenny, is open sailing but it's generally a beam reach. The sea is considerably calmer once in the lee of Grenada, but the wind can also die, requiring some motoring at times. Anchor / dock in St. Georges or sail slightly further to one of the bays on the south coast.

Day 9. Explore some of the many beautiful bays along the southern coast - True Blue, Prickly Bay, Mt. Hartman Bay (Secret Hbr), Clarkes Court and beyond.

Day 10. Taxi to the airport and fly home.

Note: For a 7 day charter, omit Day 9 and spend only one night in Bequia and the Tobago Cays.

If possible, avoid starting from Grenada and sailing north to the Grenadines. Crossing the open water north of Grenada is often a beat and can be rough.

Tell us your plans and we would be happy to suggest some options. We know all the best places, yachts and crews!

All the above pictures were taken by Ed Hamilton and may not be reproduced without permission.

The map below shows Mayreau and The Tobago Cays
Note: use the controls in the top left corner to move to other parts of The Grenadines. Click ' - ' to see a larger area, drag the picture to move around, then click ' + ' to zoom back in.

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