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In the BVI, anyone putting a line in BVI waters is required to have a recreational fishing license (except for persons under the age of 18). If you are caught fishing without a license, there may be heavy fines and possibly confiscation of your fishing equipment and your yacht.

A temporary fishing license can be obtained in advance at Last Stop Sports - www.laststopsports.com . They will process an application for you before your arrival in Tortola. You can pick up the license at their store in Road Town located at The Moorings/Sunsail base. They will deliver the license to any charter company if you are also renting fishing equipment. They charge $10 for this service and require advance notice of at least one week. If your charter starts on a weekend, the deadline is Thursday at 9 a.m. The government offices close early on Fridays and doesn't reopen until Monday morning. The license is valid for 1 year and costs $45.

Here's what you'll need:

1) Completed Application Form - http://www.laststopsports.com/Fishing%20license.pdf

Some helpful hints for filling out the form:

Licenses are per person - not per boat. An application must be filled out for each person who will be fishing.
For a bareboat charter, it's not necessary to give the name of the yacht. Under "name of vessel" put the type of yacht.
Description of vessel - enter the charter company name.
Registration number - enter N/A
Port of registration - enter N/A
If you are renting equipment -under Type & description of gear to be rented, enter "spinning and trolling rods". If you are not renting equipment, Last Stop Sports can still process an application for you and you may pick it up from their shop when you arrive in Tortola.

If you are chartering a fully crewed yacht, please let us know if fishing is of interest, and we will ask the crew to help with the license process.

2) A photocopy of a valid photo ID

3) $45 application fee and $10 processing fee (per person).
Last Stop Sports will ask you to complete a credit card authorization form - http://www.laststopsports.com/Fishing%20License_charge.htm

Remember, it's advisable not to eat most species of fish due to the toxin ciguatera which can cause fish poisoning. Some fish are safe to eat such has tuna, kingfish, wahoo, and mahi-mahi, but in general, catch-and-release is advised unless you are fishing with someone who is experienced in distinguishing the different species in the local waters.

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions regarding fishing or any other activities or rentals that may be of interest to you while on charter. We're happy to help!

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