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October 2005 NEW BOAT NEWS,
by Gordon

Here in the Northeast, as the temperature drops and the leaves begin to turn, we know its time to look forward to another busy winter of chartering. Each fall, the bareboat companies adjust their rates and add new boats for the coming season. Let's have a look at what's new since my last installment of 'New Boat News' in April. There's a lot to report on, so I'll try to be brief. If one or more of these boats peaks your interest, give us a call and we can get into more detail.

BVI Yacht Charters in Roadtown continues to upgrade their fleet and now has nearly one of every model of the new Beneteau series, including a 323, 343, 373, 393, 423, 473 and 523. The have also added a Leopard 45 (Moorings 4500) and three Lagoon 380's (two 3 cabins and one 4 cabin).

Catamaran Company continues to add more Lagoons to their Tortola fleet and they now have just about every model they make. 380 3 cabin, 410's in 3 or 4 cabins with or without air conditioning, including the "Waypoint' - the innovative electric powered model with no charge A/C. They also have 4 different versions of the fabulous new 440, 2 of the 470's and soon the incredible 500!

Conch Charters has expanded their fleet to include a little of everything. They have various monohulls from 29' to 52' and cats from 37' to 45'. Some fairly new, some not so new.

Over at Nanny Cay, Horizon continues to add new models of the very popular Bavaria's from Germany. For this season we see two new 33's, joining the new 36's and 46's added earlier this year. The 33's are 2 cabin, 36's either 2 or 3 cabin and 46's are either 3 or 4 cabin. Their big boat fleet has grown to include 3 Jeanneau 54 DS's and one 49. I could write an article just on those boats alone. Horizon is also adding an Athena 38 4 cabin 2 head cat this fall.

While I'm on the subject of big boats, don't forget about 'Shiwara'. Interest in this 63' bareboat (the largest yacht in The Caribbean available for bareboat charter) continues to grow, but she still has a few available dates for next season, including over the holidays.

The Moorings has added the new Beneteau built 44.3, a beautiful 3 cabin, 3 head yacht, the Beneteau 42CC and updated version of the popular 40CC and the brand new Beneteau 35.2 2 cabin 1 head. Other new models are phasing into various bases worldwide in the coming months.

Sunsail has added Lagoon 440 cats in Tortola, the 3 cabin, 3 head or 4 cabin, 2 head Cyclades 43 monohull at various bases, plus the new Beneteau 523. Of course new versions of many of their current offerings are arriving regularly.

TMM has added a new Beneteau 423 and a second 473, as well as a Leopard 47 cat and a second Privilege 435 cat, all to the Tortola base. As previously reported, they also have three of the new Lavezzi 40 cats, both 3 and 4 cabin. The St. Vincent base has been updated to include a 4 cabin Lagoon 440, a Jeanneau 45, a Beneteau 463 and a 361. Belize is pretty much status quo, except for the Lagoon 43 powercat added this summer. This boat and the area's popularity are growing rapidly so book early.

Voyage Charters has added an air conditioned 440 as well as an additional Voyage 500 Premier which they call the 'Plus', (two years old or less). When it comes to a cat that really performs, these yachts are tough to beat.

Over on St. Thomas, CYOA has added a Hunter 460 4 cabin monohull, a second Cumberland 44 powercat (this time a 3 cabin version) and if all goes well they will also have a Jeanneau 49DS three cabin.

VIP added an Africat 42 powercat a while back and has just signed up a Jeanneau 49 4 cabin mono. The popularity of their Tarquin 59 motor yacht has just exploded, so if you are interested in one of those, you had best book VERY early.

I'm sure I have forgotten something, but I've gone on long enough. If you think there is something out there that you would like, and don't see, give us a call. If it exists, we'll find it.

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