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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

by Gordon
October 2006

Greetings friends,

Last month I promised to update you all on the latest news from the Islands, collected during my August 12 - 16 visit. It was an excellent trip and at this time of year a lot of boats are in and available to inspect, so that was good.

Two things to start off; North South has moved from Nanny Cay to Village Cay. taking over the sea wall location vacated by the BVI Yacht Charters' move over to Joma Marina. North South has a temporary office some distance away, while they build a new one close by. This area of Village Cay sure has changed in recent years with new office buildings, banks, an Ample Hamper store, shops etc.. The boats looked about the same as usual. The new Dufour 43 is quite nice and their older Nova 42 powerboat is hanging in there nicely.

BVI's new base at Joma Marina, next to Port Purcell, is very nice, although it's a little tricky to find till you go the first time. Take the Port Purcell Road off the main drag, bear right and head for the masts visible on the waterfront. The office is on the left, across from a row of storage garages, at the head of the docks. The docks are in good shape with plenty of room to grow and the new office is pleasant enough. The boats all looked very good, even the older ones. Until the breakwater gets extended and by their own admission, it is "rolly" here, so sleepaboards be advised, or go to a hotel.

Voyage Charters continues to grow. They have added a couple more 440's and 500's They do a good job maintaining their boats and all looked well. Although I have been on the "450 Cabriolet" before, I do have to say this yacht is pretty interesting for the right group. There is no salon per-se - the cockpit, galley and salon are open and all together on one level. The cabins are below as usual. If you are a younger, party kind of group, this boat has a lot to offer. Voyage also has 'Mystique' a 45' day sailer model, which is available for crewed day trips with three itineraries to choose from.

Over at Nanny Cay things are sort of "status quo". Horizon has continued to grow and now they have expanded into the space vacated by North South. Their fleet of Bavaria's all looked great and their big Jeanneau 54's are just beautiful. Catamaran Company has added a plethora of new boats, but even some of the older ones still looked fine. They have several of the new Lagoon 440's which you have heard me rave about before. Both of the Lagoon 43 power cats were in and again, these boats have a lot to offer. Virgin Traders was closed down for the period I was there (even charter folks need time off sometime) but I did see the boats and they looked fine as well. I'm off to the Roadtown companies tomorrow, but I'll save that for next month.

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