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Gustavia, St BartsBacking a sailboat into a slip
Sailboats don't always handle so well in reverse. Ed gives some tips on how to avoid embarrassment!

Things aren't always what they seemThings aren't always what they seem!
(including this photograph!) Fleet operators, websites, independent brokers - all explained

Bareboat fleetsLatest news from the Bareboat Fleets!
Moorings announces 'Exclusive Plus' line of bareboats

Barboat charter specialsBareboat Specials
Sunsail's Reef Weeks and other specials.

A look at the Beneteau Cyclades and Jeanneau 'i' fleetsA New Line Of Bareboat Monohulls
A look at Sunsail's exciting new fleet of Jeanneau yachts.

Ease into bareboating by joining a Flotilla. Great way to discover new cruising grounds. 25% off.

Skippered Bareboat versus 'Captain Only' Crewed. There is a difference - we discuss the pros and pitfalls of both.

Bareboat charter briefing at the MooringsAm I Qualified To Charter A Bareboat?
Jackie discusses what experience bareboat companies require to charter their yachts and how best to get that experience. If you are unsure if you qualify, fill out our skipper's resume form.

New Bareboat Bases
We visited many new locations this summer.
Steve talks about new bareboat bases and some exciting new directions.

New Bareboat Broker
Welcome Susan Lengyel. She's a new addition to our bareboat team, but no stranger to the bareboat industry. She was Sunsail's top broker.

Caribbean Bareboat Charter
And for Caribbean bareboaters, Jackie describes her recent charter on a Lagoon 440 cat in Tortola.

Is Air Conditioning a necessity
on a Bareboat? Read all the pros and cons and cast your VOTE.

Choosing the right Bareboat.
Steve talks about what really is important when faced with so many choices.

Deer Isle Thorofare. Maine's beautiful charter cruising groundGrab your dates for New England before the NYYC takes the best boats!

Schooner Bonnie Lynn offers seamanship courses in MaineSeamanship classes in Maine this summer.

'Best Boat and Crew' at the Tortola Show
An in-depth look at this winning combination

Crewed boat showTortola's 29th annual Crewed Boat Show
The start of the fall boat show season. Description and full results. Links to boats' web sites.

Oyster charter yachtsThe Oyster Owners Regatta
A magnificent fleet of these fine yachts congregate in the BVI for some fun racing.

Great crews make great chartersGreat Crews Make Great Charters
Emily illustrates that many of the best crews started on smaller, affordable yachts, and you don't need to break the bank to get excellent service.

Cookielicious. Ed Hamilton & Co Featured Charter YachtYacht 'Cookielicious'
We feature a great quality monohull and excellent crew.

Mariner hotel, St. VincentLess Expensive Crewed Yachts
Some examples of quality crewed yachts that won't break the bank.

Ultimate sailing charter yachtEvery Sailor's Dream
This yacht is what dreams are made of. Every sailor should experience a boat like this, at least once in a lifetime!
Looking for a powerboat?
Check out Essence. Traditional quality and value.

New Crewed Charter Yacht Specials Source
We've redesigned our Crewed Yacht Specials page. It's data driven from our database and gives far more information, pictures, descriptions and price details. Try it out - it's a great souce for deals

Family Crewed Yacht ChartersChartering with your Family
With the right boat and crew, a yacht charter is the perfect family vacation. Ed gives some helpful hints to parents planning a charter with their children.

More Crewed Charter Yacht Specials
Everyone's feeling the pinch right now, but if you can afford to take a vacation, there has never been a better time to charter a crewed yacht

Some crews are great with childrenHow To Get More Out Of Your Crewed Yacht Charter
Thinking about what you enjoy and communicating your group's expectations can make all the difference when choosing a boat, crew and destination.

Charter in Turkey
Ed describes his recent charter in Turkey, on Blue Capricorn. This yacht offers wonderful value and still has prime dates available.
Part 1:
Marmaris to Dalyan.
Part 2:
Dalyan to Gocek.
Part 3:The yacht
Blue Capricorn.

Recent Destination Articles 
News Articles

The BVI beach bar experienceThe Beach Bar Experience
Here's an in-depth look at four of the most popular (and outlandish) beach bars in the BVI.

Bombas Shack, in the British Virgin IslandsOur Personal Guide to BVI Hotspots
In case you want to do more extended research on the subject, here are brief descriptions of more than two dozen watering holes that you can enjoy while cruising the British Virgins.

Venice, ItalySeptember is the best month to visit the Med - or New England!
Avoid the crowds and heat of August. Take a Mediterranean or New England charter in September. Lots of pictures.

Singing to the shellsDescription of a 5 night charter vacation in Maine including map and pictures.
1 and 2
3 and 4
5 and 6.

Yacht charter in Bocas del TorosBocas del Toro
Read about this fabulous new, easy to reach cruising ground and the popular cat that is based there through this winter.

Mariner hotel, St. VincentMariners Hotel, St. Vincent
Lynne describes this popular hotel, which is so convenient for charters starting in The Grenadines.

The Delights Of Chartering In The Mediterranean
Ed talks about the new experiences a charter in the Mediterranean can bring.

Moorings yacht charter boats in CorsicaBooking a Crewed or Bareboat Charter in The Mediterranean
Steve talks about the differences even regular Caribbean charterers need to know when booking a charter in The Mediterranean.

Summertime And The Sailing Is Easy!
Steve gives advice to both bareboat and crewed charterers considering a charter in The Caribbean this summer.

Antigua - an often underrated gem
Steve talks about the many attractions of chartering around Antigua.

Tamarind Club, Tortola, British Virgin Islands
The Tamarind Club in Tortola
For an informal and inexpensive place to stay before or after your charter, you might consider The Tamarind Club Hotel, at the east end of Tortola. Lynne describes this popular resort.

The Bitter End Yacht Club, British Virgin IslandsPopular BVI attraction
A warm welcome when you've reached the Bitter End

Cruising Grounds Around The world
We discuss the many different cruising grounds around the world and invite you to VOTE on your favorite.

Chartering in England
Ed talks about chartering along the southwest coast of England. Yes there really are palm trees on the waterfront!

Yacht charter in the Whitsunday Islands
Whitsunday Islands
Kate describes her recent visit to The Whitsunday Islands, in Australia and Susan adds some itinerary tips from her bareboat charter there.

Good moon Farm. Organic produce for charter yachts in TortolaGreat Organic Produce for your charter!

Rodney and Desmond Nicholson
The pioneers of the crewed charter industry in the Caribbean

Job opportunities at Ed Hamilton & CoNew page showing job opportunities at Ed Hamilton & Co!
With the improving economy, we are expanding. Take a look.

VISAR. British Virgin Islands Search and RescueVISAR
A closer look at the British Virgin Island's Search And Rescue Service.

Ed Hamilton & Co Facebook PageFacebook - We Do It Differently
Tell us if we are on the right track and take a vote on how you use the new social media.

Charter Yacht Catbird helps out in HaitiHelping Out In Haiti
Immediately after the earthquake we started getting requests. Read about one boat that made the trip.

Yacht charter in Bocas del TorosMultihulls versus Monohulls
Cats are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the Virgin Islands.
Read about the advantages of both monohulls and multihulls - then VOTE for your preference. Tell us which hull type you would consider on your next charter, then read what other people think.

Conde Nast honors Ed HamiltonFor the 8th consecutive year, Ed Hamilton has been named Conde Nast's recommended agent for anyone booking a Caribbean charter. We are proud to be recognized by such a prestigious travel magazine.

Charts for Caribbean charter on iPhoneCaribbean Charts for the iPhone
With the full Navionics Caribbean charts now available from Apple, you can use your iPhone as a back up GPS during your charter - for just $9.99!

How will the economy affect your charter plans?
We talk about ways you can benefit from the downturn and about the charter industry in these tougher times. We then ask you to VOTE on if or how the economy is changing the type of charter you are considering this year.

The Tortola Spring Show
Emily describes the May 2008 Charter Show in Tortola, and two new boats she found there.

The Eastern Mediterranean Shows
View the blogs sent by Ed and Barbara as they attended the Med Shows (arrival Poros - Poros Show - transfer to Marmaris - Marmaris Show).

Suggested Itineraries 'How To' Articles

Virgin Islands
Jackie outlines a suggested itinerary for a week sailing in The Virgin Islands

St. Martin
Jackie's ideas for a charter around St. Martin.

Grenadines Itinerary
Three suggested 7 and 10 day itineraries for The Grenadines, with pictures and map.

Spanish Virgins
A charter in the less travelled Spanish Virgins.

The Abacos
Jackie describes an itinerary for a bareboat charter in The Abacos.

Maine 1 and 2
Earl describes a 7 day itinerary for a charter in Maine.
See also, Ed's article on cruising in

Newport, Rhode Island
Tom describes a 4 day charter from Newport, visiting Martha's Vineyard and other popular spots.

Dubrovnik. Popular stop for a Croatia Yacht CharterThree great itineraries for a Croatia charter
Pictures, descriptions and advice on exploring this ever more popular cruising ground.

For a slideshow of a typical charter in The Virgin Islands check out the Bareboat Slideshow.
For a charter in The Grenadines, look at the Crewed Slideshow.

Charts for Caribbean charter on iPhoneBVI Fishing License
Learn all about the BVI Fishing License and how to apply for one.

Take your iPhone on your Crewed or Bareboat Yacht CharterHow Wired Do You Want To Be On Charter?
Internet access, iPods, cell phones - Lynne answers all your questions. Read her article and then VOTE on which of these electronic gadgets you would use on charter.

Do you Travel Insured?
Steve talks about some of the reasons to consider insurance and outlines our new insurance program designed in conjunction with Travel Insured, specifically for yacht charter
. This policy goes well beyond normal cancellation insurance.

There's a right and a wrong way and Jackie's hints will help give you peace of mind when the wind gets up in the middle of the night.

Will my cellphone work in The Islands? Lynne gives us the latest update.

Learning to Sail
Ed talks about learning to sail and the different ways for first timers to qualify for a bareboat charter.

What to Pack
Lynne gives you all kinds of advice on what to pack for your charter. Almost everyone brings too much but there are some items you might forget.

Securing to a mooring buoy
The safe way to tie up to a mooring buoy in The BVI - don't wake up on the beach!

Lost Luggage
Jackie tackles the lost luggage issue and has some hints on minimizing the impact.

Photograph Your Yacht
YachtShots BVI - find out how to get a photograph of your charter yacht under full sail.

Mooring Buoy Markings
Lynne ends the confusion over which colored mooring buoy you should pick up in the BVI.

Trip Insurance
Lynne discusses the need for trip insurance.
Historical Articles 

The BVI In 1972
Ed describes what he found when he sailed into The British Virgin Islands in 1972. It is hard to imagine how much this area has changed.
This is the first of a series of articles describing the pioneer days of chartering in The Virgins.

The early days of CSY
Ed continues his series on Tortola in 1972, focusing on the early days of CSY, when they were based in Maya Cove.

Early Years
As his young nephew joins a charter yacht in Tortola, Ed describes what he saw when he did the same thing 33 years ago, almost to the day.

More Pictures
New 'Before and After' pictures of Tortola, BVI.

Previous General Articles

Welcome Steve McCrea
Sunsail USA's General Manager joins Ed Hamilton & Co

Charlie Carey
The founder of The Moorings and an icon in the charter industry
Past issues of the newsletter   Other Destination Articles

Venice and Dubrovnik
Two highlights of Ed and Barbara's visit to several Mediterranean charter cruising grounds this summer..

The Tuamotus - remote islands in The Pacific
Ever dreamed of going somewhere totally different?

Gordon photographs and describes his recent visit to Belize to inspect The Moorings and TMM bareboat fleets based there. Part 1 and part 2.

Can I (Should I) bring a gun on my charter vacation? You might be surprised how often we get asked this question. Ed discusses the facts.

Emily describes a 'new' diving destination - Bermuda!

Ionian Islands
The Greek Ionian Islands. Discover the land of Myth and Legend - with people who know the area.

Celebrate The New Year
Jackie suggests some great places in The BVI to celebrate The New Year.

Conservation concerns
arise as a huge resort is planned for Beef Island, BVI. How far should developers go?

Letters From Our Guests

Prissy chartered the crewed motor yacht Carib Queen.

John chartered the crewed monohull
Blu Moon.

Susan chartered the crewed cat
Double Feature.

Joseph chartered the crewed monohull

Bill chartered a
Bahia 46 Bareboat cat in Belize through TMM.

Ron chartered the crewed cat
Pas De Deux.

James chartered the crewed cat
Ad Astra.

Don chartered the crewed cat

JoAnn chartered the crewed cat

Bob chartered the crewed cat
Cool Change.

Note: To find a good times letter on the boat you are considering, check out the hundreds of comments from our past charterers on our
crewed and bareboat comments pages

Other Bareboat Articles
Other Crewed Charter Articles

Introducing Tahiti Yacht Charters
a new bareboat listing in The Pacific.

New Tortola Base
We visit the huge new Moorings / Sunsail / Footloose base in Tortola.

Equipment Failure
No Bareboat is 100% reliable, so what equipment failure can be considered reasonable and what is not.

Extra Equipment
Customize your bareboat. Where to rent that extra equipment.

Finding Ice And Water
Jackie shows bareboat charterers where to find ICE, WATER and places to deposit their TRASH in the VI.

Provisioning A Bareboat
Jackie gives some useful tips on how to provision a bareboat

Skippered Bareboat Alternative
f you'd like to bareboat charter but don't have the experience, here's an alternative to a skippered bareboat.

Chartering with a Large Family?
An idea for anyone chartering with a large family or family group.

The Exumas
Ed describes a crewed charter in The Exumas and shares some photographs of this beautiful, unspoiled cruising ground. Read Carly's take on the same charter......

Tipping DOs and DON'Ts
Should the crew's tip be included in the charter fee? Hear the pros and cons, then give us your vote.

Crewed Charter In The BVI
Emily describes her recent crewed charter in The British Virgin Islands.

6 or 7 Night Charters
Should the standard crewed charter be 6 or 7 nights? Hear the pros and cons, then give us your vote. It could make a difference!

Boarding in The BVI or USVI
Heather addresses your questions about USVI versus BVI crewed charter pick ups.

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