A Last Minute Caribbean Yacht Charter – Booked Christmas Eve!

Campai.masterTo show how last minute some charters can be, at around 11:00 am on Christmas Eve we received confirmation that 5 guests had flights into St. Martin and wanted to charter a nice yacht starting Friday, December 26th.

These dates are always difficult, even when booking months ahead, but we managed to find him Campai, a beautiful 72′ monohull which was ideal for this client and his family. She was unfortunately in Antigua, so the yacht needed to provision quickly and the three crew had to start sailing that night to get to St. Martin in time for the charter.

It was therefore imperative to get each guest’s food preferences to the boat as quickly as possible. The last one was received and on its way by 1:03 pm. Our clients receive a nice printed booklet with separate food preferences for each guest in the party, but though not as pretty, all this information is also in the on-line preference form, which many guests end up using. It is particularly convenient when guests are scattered all over the country, as can submit their preferences individually. It is also useful when time is of the essence!

The contracts were prepared and emailed to the client’s agent by 11:46 am and the signed papers received at 2:28. The fully executed copy was returned by the yacht’s owner at 4:18 pm the same day, Christmas Eve!

The client and his family arrived 48 hours later and the captain was at the airport to meet them. They are currently sailing around the The Leeward Islands and will be in St. Barts for New Year’s Eve, which was one of his requests. We wish him, and all our readers, a happy and fruitful New Year.

A big thanks to Karen at Nicholson and to Matt and Jill on Campai – a true ‘can do’ crew. The picture shows Campai’s lovely master cabin.

We don’t recommend booking any charter this close, as we can do much more for you when we have time to talk about preferences and options. It’s nice to know however, that with all our paperwork, payment and preference services available on-line, we are fully capable of achieving the seemingly impossible.

Call us today at 800 621 7855, email us, or contact us through the Ed Hamilton & Co site, and tell us about your plans.