Elegant Solution For A Large Group Looking For Much More Luxury And Personal Service Than A Cruise Ship

RMElegantThere are relatively few yachts that can accommodate a large party (30 guests) in such luxury, so if you want to treat your company executives, extended family or special group to a holiday of a lifetime, consider RM Elegant. Your guests will sleep well in 15 comfortable cabins, including two luxury suites, but the main attraction is the service they will receive and the sheer size, comfort and diversity of this 237′ ship.

The enormous sun deck runs almost the full length. Enjoy the view from a deckchair or the jacuzzi, or host a party, all without another uninvited guest in sight! Guests can dine in a variety of spaces, from casual to formal. Those that feel the need can utilize the state of the art business center, while others can spend their time being pampered in her excellent spa. For the active, she has every water toy you could imagine!

RM Elegant is currently in the Caribbean, on her way to her winter home in St. Martin, but this is a yacht that can go virtually anywhere, so ask us if you have a special request. In the summer she heads back to the Mediterranean, to her base in the French Riviera. Take a look at her brochure and dream!

So much luxury for just 30 special guests is obviously not inexpensive, but if you’re looking for a business or group treat, this is top end! At Ed Hamilton & Co we specialize in finding those perfect solutions, so tell us about your plans and call us at 800 621 7855 or email us at info@ed-hamilton.com.