Great Organic Produce for your Bareboat or Crewed Yacht Charter! Tortola Farmer Follows In His Father’s Footsteps.

GoodMoonFarmHave you ever wondered where the crewed yacht chefs buy their organic produce in Tortola? Aragorn Dick-Read is better known as a sculptor and supporter of the local arts (he created those fireball sculptures in Trellis Bay), but he and his wife also own a local produce business. Revitalizing old terraced farmland on the more fertile north side of Tortola, they created ‘Good Moon Farm’ and have built up a network of local farmers to supply Mega Yachts and crewed charter chefs with quality organic produce. In addition to crewed yachts, they supply several restaurants, villa rentals and bareboaters willing to pay a little extra for produce that has never been sprayed and hasn’t arrived on a ship.

The apple often doesn’t fall far from the tree and in this case, Aragorn is following a family tradition. His father, Robert Dick-Read, was one of the pioneers in the early development of present day Tortola. Some of his schemes, such as a rental car business, were ahead of their time (his VW Beetles were killed by the terrible roads of the late 60s), but his big break was the Ample Hamper, which supplied provisions to the new evolving charter industry. He was the founder and first owner, and his flamboyant enthusiasm behind the counter played a big part in its success. For those who remember him, he is doing well at 80 and is still scheming!

If you’re considering a charter, we have been in this industry since it started! Call us (800 621 7855), email, or visit the Ed Hamilton & Co website. If you tell us more about your requirements , we can suggest some suitable boats and crews!

We wish Aragorn well, not only in this venture, but also with his sculpture and his efforts to keep Caribbean art and old traditions alive.