How Is The Economy Affecting Your Charter Plans?

bb.035.9knots2February’s newsletter caused a flurry of additional votes to our January Survey, in which we asked how the economy is affecting your charter plans. With a fairly large number of earlier votes, the picture didn’t change that much, but these new votes have helped to confirm the earlier results. The current figures show only 24% of prospective charterers say they would not charter this year because of the economy. We expected this figure to be higher. 26% would use the great deals available to get a better boat for their money and 50% would try to charter a less expensive boat.

Of those looking to cut expenses, 8% would go smaller, 13% would charter for fewer days and 58% would do both. Only 21% said they would look for the cheapest price regardless of condition, which is generally not a good idea.

This survey is encouraging and has caused quite a bit of interest in various publications and organizations. If you haven’t already, do take a look at the original article and vote in the survey. You can also view the results and read some of the comments, both for this survey and past ones on different topics. Other surveys include ‘Is A/C a necessity on bareboat sail boats‘, ‘Vote for your favorite British Virgin Island beach bar‘, ‘Should the tip be included in crewed yacht charters‘ etc.. All our surveys are still open for voting.

A Yacht Charter Vacation is a wonderful way to blow away those Recession Blues, at a cost that’s probably lower than you think. Call us at 800 621 7855, email us, or contact us through the Ed Hamilton & Co site, and tell us about your plans.