Last Minute Rush For New Year Crewed Yacht Charters In The British Virgin Islands And St. Martin

alohamaloloThere’s always a last minute flurry of inquiries in December, for Christmas and New Year charters, and normally there’s nothing available. This year has been different, as several excellent crewed yachts had their Christmas and New Year bookings canceled. It’s been a frustrating couple of weeks, because although some boats are open, getting flights to The Caribbean is neither cheap nor easy. As the holidays begin, we also have to also worry about owners’ agents closing their offices and crews making their own holiday arrangements, thinking a charter isn’t likely.

Megayachts traditionally book late for the holidays, but crewed yachts up to around 80 feet are generally booked solidly by late summer, and this year was no exception. Most of the openings were from cancellations in the Fall, where people were willing to lose their full deposit, which shows just how desperate the downturn has been for many people.

On the plus side, because the mid-sized yachts have traditionally booked so far ahead, the Caribbean winter season is not at all bad. Calendars for the very large yachts show much more availability, but many of these yachts do not need, or want, to be fully booked.

Our feeling is that there will always be people who charter regularly, year to year. Popular boats that offer high standards at a fair price and typically book well ahead, will still be busy, even in these slower times. The second tier boats, that tend to fill when availability becomes tight, might not be in as good a position, until confidence in the economy returns. As always, we will be looking for value for money, rather than lowest prices regardless of quality, in these coming months.
So if you are considering a last minute Caribbean Yacht Charter for New Year and can get flights, call us today at 800 621 7855, email us, or contact us through the Ed Hamilton & Co site, and tell us about your plans. Time is certainly running out, but we have the resources to still make this happen.