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Names of certified scuba divers in the party
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    Does any member of your party plan on bringing their own dive gear? Please include guest names.
Please note that some yachts do have dive gear - see extra equipment on the boat description).
    Do you plan on renting any dive gear? Please include the names of guests that need equipement.
(The yacht will be happy to assist you with renting gear once you have arrived. You must show your license at the rental shop).
Is there anyone who is not fully certified who might consider a resort course or other instruction? Please give the type of instruction required and the guest's name.
(If there is no dive instructor aboard, most boats can help arrange instruction through a shoreside rendezvous dive company, normally for an additional charge).
Please add any questions concerning equipment etc., any additional requirements or comments on the number or type of dives you hope to do etc. plus anything you feel would be helpful to the yacht.

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