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We have quoted Mark's letter in full. He chartered 'Priorities' in January 2009

Dear Ed:

A word of warning - when writing this letter, we ran short of superlatives, so you may find these words repeated below: excellent, perfect, wonderful, marvelous.

This was our fifth charter in the VIs on a crewed catamaran. Frankly, for several reasons, we had assumed it would be our last. After our experience on Priorities we now anxiously await our next charter - but only aboard Priorities, and only with Lisa Pratt and Rich Cassarino (and Reggie).

We very much appreciate your assistance and recommendations. It is unlikely that we would have discovered this wonderful combination of talent and boat without your input. We recall you saying we would 'eat very well' and that Rich and Lisa are 'genuinely nice people'. you have proven yourself a master of understatement.

To hit some of the high points:

Service: Lisa and RIch are experts at creating a casual atmosphere in which you hardly notice that every desire and whim is the object of constant attention. They ARE genuinely nice people, and they are also consummate 'hospitality professionals' if we may use such a hokey term. They were in continuous but unobtrusive motion insuring that our only task was to enjoy ourselves.

Food: Where to begin? Every meal and every so-called 'snack' was luxurious, delicious, personalized and fun. Simply put, the food was very, very, very damned good. Fancy cruise ships and five star resorts have nothing on Priorities. Indeed, the degree of personalization that Rich achieved for each guest is beyond anything we've experienced previously, regardless of setting.

Boat: Excellent condition, all toys aboard, great deck space. My brother's arthritis sometimes limits his mobility, and he especially appreciated Priorities' wide decks and easy footing. We enjoyed the roomy cockpit. They have a very effective cockpit canvas arrangement, and (unlike other charters) we never felt the need to retreat to the salon when the occasional rain shower threatened during a meal. The internet connection was a nice feature for those of us who wanted to stay in touch with the outside world. We experienced no mechanical or systems or systems problems of any sort during the charter. It is obvious from her 'bristol' condition that Rich and Lisa live aboard Priorities, and spend much effort and expense maintaining her.

Lisa, Rich and Reggie: These folks have a marvelous combination of skills and personality for running a charter boat. Again, we have gone on four charters previously, and have enjoyed every one of them immensely. Each crew worked their hearts out to make each trip a great experience. Each crew also had their strengths and weaknesses. Priorities only has strengths. Clearly Lisa nd Rich adapt to their guests' preferences - we sought a casual environment and they made us feel like family (although thoroughly spoiled family). And Reggie is an absolute delight, a perfectly behaved and infinitely friendly guy rounding out the crew.

Please feel free to share any and all of these comments with anyone you choose. If potential guests would like additional information, feel fre to have htem contact us directly. (The only reaosn we might hold back on our endoresments would be to insure that Priorities is not completely booked up next time we can afford a Caribbean vacation).

Again, we would like to thankyou for connecting us with Rich, Lisa and Reggie.

Sincerely Diane and Mark