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Martinique is truly one of the gems of the French Caribbean. You’ll experience an alluring mix of laid-back Caribbean style and French flair, which seamlessly blends island charm and rugged nature with cosmopolitan vibes, making it a top charter destination.

Awaken your senses with every experience the island has to offer, whether it be snorkeling among diverse coral reefs, hiking in lush tropical rainforests, taking a dip in the natural hot springs, or taking a stroll through the picturesque fishing villages. Martinique is complete with dazzling shorelines that provide the best of both worlds: gorgeous black sand beaches on the north coast and flawless white sand beaches on the south coast.

The island’s capital city of Fort-de-France embodies every facet of French culture. Bursting with delectable cuisine, art galleries, boutique shopping, museums and theatres, you’ll find this sophisticated city paying homage to its French heritage around every corner.

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