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The Cyclades Islands are one of the most renowned destinations in Greece; a private yacht charter to the Aegean Sea is the experience of a lifetime. Islands include Mykonos, Kythnos, Milos and Santorini, to name a few of the 200+ islands that make up this region. At the center lies Delos, the sacred island and birthplace of Greek god Apollo. The Cyclades Islands are in close proximity to each other, which allows for an easy, relaxing transition when island-hopping. Picture yourself among white-washed sugar cube homes and bright blue church domes tucked into the hills of each Greek town, overlooking the neverending sapphire sea below.

Summers in Cyclades are sunny and warm, as is typical for the Mediterranean. September is the ideal month to travel due to peaceful winds and comfortable temperatures. Regardless of how popular this destination is, there is a secluded corner for every traveler, even in peak season.

From bustling and cosmopolitan to dreamy and off the beaten path, your Greek island dreams will be fulfilled beyond your wildest expectations in the Cyclades.

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