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The portion of Turkey’s coast that runs just north of Greece’s Dodecanese Islands is considered one of the best values in crewed yacht charter today. The area is filled with aquamarine harbors and archaeological ruins onshore, all of them accessible by gulet—the type of local motorsailer most commonly offered for charter vacations in Turkey. Gulets are available at all price points and at all levels of luxury, and many of them are a great deal compared with other charter yachts in more developed parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

Most crewed yacht charters in Turkey start in the city of Bodrum and then run along the coastline to the city of Gocek (or vice versa). There are major airports near both of those cities with international service as well as short flights to the nation’s largest airport in Istanbul, so Lycian tombs, popular charter yacht attraction access to your charter yacht is easy no matter which direction your charter takes. In between Bodrum and Gocek, you can also enjoy the popular tourist city of Marmaris, which has beaches, restaurants, and an extensive bazaar filled with fresh spices, pashminas, hand-carved backgammon sets, hand-woven rugs, and more.

Another popular destination during a charter in Turkey is Caunos Archaeological Park, which you can access after a short cruise up the Dalyan River near Ekincik Bay. At the park, you can walk amid the ruins of a Roman-built, Greek-style amphitheater that is believed to have held some 5,000 people when the surrounding village flourished as part of the Lycian empire. You also can cruise past the Lycian Rock Tombs, which are carved into the mountainsides far overhead like Caunos Dalyan, yacht charter destination cultures from centuries past. Some of the most popular restaurants along the Dalyan River let you gaze upon the tombs while enjoying fresh-cooked crab and other local delicacies.

Charter contracts and terms in Turkey tend to be different than elsewhere in the Caribbean or Western Mediterranean, and our experts can help ensure that you get what you pay for no matter which historic or modern cities you choose to visit during your charter yacht vacation in Turkey. We also can help you incorporate Greece’s Dodecanese Islands into your Turkey charter itinerary if you want to explore the broader region that historically was known as humanity’s Fertile Crescent. If you have two weeks for a charter yacht vacation instead of one, this is an excellent option.

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