Ed Hamilton & Co.

Learn to Sail

From simply improving your sailing skills to getting qualified to bareboat, a yacht charter vacation is an excellent way to learn to sail.

There are three ways you can gain sailing experience:

  • A private fully crewed charter
  • A skippered bareboat
  • A school-affiliated with a bareboat company

Private Crewed Charter
Many captains are first-class instructors and if this is a requirement we can make recommendations for suitable crews depending on the type of instruction requested. Some boats offer full courses, complete with certification, but generally, the emphasis is more on a vacation with instruction. This is a great way to introduce a family to sailing or gain experience on a larger boat than you usually sail – with a captain who has often sailed many thousands of sea miles.

Skippered Bareboat
If you have some sailing experience but want to get qualified to bareboat charter, this is actually the fastest way. Even people with a bareboat certificate from a sailing school are normally asked to take a skipper for at least a few days unless they have other cruising experience. Companies normally require sailing time on a similar-sized vessel without an instructor or skipper aboard but most schools have an instructor on the boat at all times.  A private crewed charter can often be better value, but if the ultimate aim is to bareboat, you will be qualified for your next charter providing the skipper leaves the boat for at least the last few days and you sail it yourself. Expect to pay slightly more for a ‘Learn to sail’ skipper than for a regular bareboat skipper. Unlike a private crewed yacht, there is no matching of a skipper to a charter party.

School-Affiliated with A Charter Company
A good option for a new sailor to eventually bareboat, although many people prefer to take their beginner classes back home and use their vacation for either a more advanced class or the skippered bareboat option above. Ask us about your particular situation and your requirements.