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The French island of Corsica is like no other place in the world. Known as the “scented island,” the swathe of fragrant maquis flowers that coat the island welcome you with the warm breeze.  The island’s 300+ miles of dramatic rocky pink coastline, soft white beaches, and temperate, sunny climate, there is no better way to experience this gem than by a yacht charter in Corsica. 

The high season is June through August when sailing conditions are ideal; while temperatures are hot, the winds provide comfort with a cool breeze. If you’re looking to avoid crowds, plan your trip for early spring or late fall.

Corsica boasts untouchable wildlife, with several endangered species that are thriving in the island’s protected waters and lush green mountains. It’s preserved environment makes the island one of the most breathtaking places in the Mediterranean, so be sure to add this stop to your sail itinerary.

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