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Chartering a private yacht can be the ultimate family Caribbean vacation.

With the hectic demands of work, school, hobbies and life in general, we usually don’t spend enough time with the ones we love. Taking a family cruise vacation or family boat vacation with Ed Hamilton & Company is a wonderful way for you to bond with your loved ones. We specialize in the Caribbean but can arrange family cruises and family sailing getaways all over the world.

Can build sandcastles on a different beach each day, explore rock pools or take part in a treasure hunt.

Can learn to snorkel or fish, explore beautiful coral reefs, hike and play beach games.

Can try a scuba resort course, learn to sail, waterski, wakeboard, kayak, watch a DVD, dance on the beach to a steel band or laze in a hammock soaking up the sun.

Bareboat or Yacht with a Crew?

Many crews specialize in family charters and think up all kinds of ways of making this the vacation your children will never forget. Tell us about your family and your plans, and we will recommend a boat and crew.

The true family getaway for those who don’t mind cooking and are comfortable sailing or driving a boat the size they want to charter.
If you are unsure of your boating skills, simply fill out our online resume form.

Guidelines for Arranging Your Family Crewed Charter

We will pick the crew accordingly. When you request crewed boat information, our boat descriptions will indicate how suitable a crew is for families and if they have a preferred minimum age.

The crew are not babysitters – they have their hands full preparing meals, looking after the boat and entertaining you. Having said that, family-oriented crews will think up all kinds of things to keep young ones entertained. On larger boats, some people bring a nanny or au-pair along.

Choose a sheltered cruising ground, such as The British Virgin Islands, and a boat that is suitable for children. Catamarans have plenty of flat space plus the cockpit and salon are on the same level so it is relatively simple to keep children in a secure area. Some boats even have netting for children on the lifelines and places to attach small harnesses. All crews will be careful with kids while making it a vacation they will never forget.

With over 40 years in the industry, Ed Hamilton & Company has a reputation for chartering the best family cruise vacation. We offer security and help with each stage of the booking process, from choosing the boat to arranging flights to selecting provisioning options. Call us toll-free at 800-621-7855 for further details.