Ed Hamilton & Co.


The Ed Hamilton & Co advantage…
Ed Hamilton & Co. is an independent yacht charter booking agency. Our role is to be the customer’s advocate, offering impartial advice on how different bareboat companies, boats, crews and destinations compare so that the customer can make an informed decision on the best option for them. Our process is first to listen to what you’re looking for in a yacht charter vacation experience, counsel you on the general options, and then present a selection of boats based on your parameters while helping you clearly understand the differences.

We don’t own or operate any fleets and do not manage yachts and crews. Everyone benefits from independent advice, so having no ties or commitments to any one company, yacht or crew allows us to recommend only boats we feel are a good fit for your needs. We don’t have an obligation to promote boats that we feel are unsuitable just because they are in a fleet.

Our service is simply to assist you with selecting a boat and Bareboat Company or private yacht and crew while facilitating the booking process and coordination of your yacht charter vacation at no additional charge. By booking your bareboat or crewed charter through us, you pay no more than dealing direct, yet our real-time access to bareboat charter availability and pricing worldwide, large booking volume, unbiased advice and 50 years of charter experience among our staff enable us to simplify the booking process while providing the most information and additional peace of mind to help you plan a memorable yacht charter vacation.

Good service and expert advice don’t have to be expensive, we’re happy to work with any budget, and will advise you realistically on your options.

There are many advantages of booking a yacht charter vacation through an independent broker: