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Sailing the Seychelles is a dream vacation, and it’s no surprise. The Seychelles are a stunning archipelago composed of more than 100 islands comprised of the oldest granite on earth and are juxtaposed with crystal clear waters. For instance, the outer island of Praslin and La deque have huge granite boulders sitting on secluded white sand beaches and azure blue waters. The sea is rich with marine life and is a fantastic vacation for divers, snorkelers, and even avid bird watchers. With over 900 species of fish, it is divers heaven on earth.

This is an area for the more experienced sailor as the islands are a good distance apart and passages can be a bit challenging. To avoid the rainy season, the best time of year to charter a yacht here is November to mid-March is when winds average 5-20 knots. Because this is a tropical climate, the temperature is consistently 24°C to 32°C (or 75°F to 90°F) and there is no distinct dry season–there is some humidity at all times.

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