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Indian Ocean

How do you choose between one dreamy island over the next? Should you visit the azure atolls of the Maldives or one of the many islands of the Seychelles? While still largely untouched and little known, the Indian Ocean is a favorite destination for sport fishing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming because the waters are famously warm and the visibility is crystal clear. The coral reefs among the small islands and cays reveal tropical fish species and incredible wildlife sightings such as whale sharks or manta rays. On land, you can find coconut crabs and giant tortoises.

Blessed with sun-drenched tropical climates twelve months of the year, the best time to visit the islands of the Indian Ocean is really, anytime. In the Maldives, the dry season runs from January to April. May to November is the southeast monsoon wet season. For surfers, the monsoon season is the best to visit and for divers visibility is great all year. As for the Seychelles, the weather is heavily influenced by the trade winds; which can be heavy and are ideal for experienced sailors. The best season to visit is November to March when the winds average 5-20 knots.

Cruising Grounds