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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

by Gordon
February 2007

Greetings friends,

Although it isn't that common this time of year, we have quite a bit to report on for new boats this time around.
Starting in St. Thomas, CYOA has (or will very soon) taken delivery of two Lavezzi 40 cats. These are basically alike, both have the four cabin, two head layout, however one will have air conditioning and a gen-set making her a nice candidate for the growing demand for bareboats with "air". For you powerboaters, don't forget that CYOA now has two of the Cumberland 44 power cats - one four cabin, one with three - both with heads for each cabin. I was on these boats back in August and I have to say these yachts are really very nice.
In other St. Thomas news, VIP added a Jeanneau 49 4 cabin 4 head monohull to their fleet awhile ago. This is one of the nicest large sailing yachts available in St. Thomas, and if that weren't enough she has a gen-set and air conditioning!

Over on Tortola the biggest news has to be at Sunsail. They have added a number of the well know Leopard cats from Robertson and Caine in South Africa. Most will recognize these as the same boats as The Moorings' 4300 and 4600. They will be great additions to the impressive selection on cats already at Sunsail. On the mono hull side, they have added the Cyclades 39 and 43. The 39 is a 3 cabin, 2 head layout, the 43 - three and three. These boats are a new line for Beneteau and although most might consider them a step down from the popular Oceanis series, these are very nice yachts and I'm sure will become popular themselves.

Horizon has opened a small base in St. Martin. At the present time they have Bavaria 40 and 44 three cabin, two head mono-hulls, and a Leopard 45 cat. This will make the very attractive one way from their base in Antigua to St. Martin all that much more convenient. Speaking of Antigua, Horizon has added a Jeanneau 49 that will go out with a skipper. This is a great option for two or three couples or even a family that wants to explore this area but doesn't necessarily want to do "all" the work. They are also adding a Bahia 46 cat (or two) so those will be a great addition to that area as large cats are hard to find there. This will bring Horizon's Antigua fleet up to 15 yachts.

"Down Island" Barefoot in The Grenadines has added several new yachts recently, including a 2005 Belize 43, four cabin, two head cat with a gen-set and "air". They also have a 2005 Jeanneau 40.3, with two cabins and one head. A nice option for two couples who really want to sail!

Big news (a while ago) was the addition of 'Diva' to TMM's St. Vincent base. This crewed motor yacht opens up The Grenadines to those power folk who have wanted to explore some of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean but until now didn't really have any way of doing so in a powerboat. She comes with a captain and a mate included, but, like a bareboat everything else is up to you.

Yacht selections are changing regularly these days, so if any of this is of interest or if there is something special you seek, just call (800-621-7855), click or e-mail us with your preference.

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