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Eastern Italy and Croatia

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The Grand Canal, Venice, ItalyThe eastern side of Italy is not as popular for yacht charter as its western side, simply because there are not as many marinas to house charter yachts here as there are along the French and Italian Rivieras. Even still, the city of Venice is hard to beat as a gorgeous, world-class starting point that you can explore for a few days before your charter begins—and more and more charter yachts are becoming available in this part of Italy each summer. Also worth noting is that from Venice, yacht charter itineraries can take you across the Adriatic Sea to Croatia, an increasingly popular summer charter destination full of pristine scenery and dozens of small islands to explore.

Alleyway, Dubrovnik            Venice is the “City of Bridges,” as fitting a place as any to begin a cruising vacation. The city itself stretches across multiple islands that are home to bustling piazzas, historic churches and restaurants where you can sample fresh Mediterranean cuisine. If your charter happens to begin in Venice in June, you can also enjoy the citywide exhibits and shows that are part of the world-famous Biennale di Venezia, a cultural tour de force that has been celebrated in the city for more than 50 years.

            From Venice your charter yacht can continue down Italy’s coast or cross over the Adriatic Sea (in less than a day’s time) to Outside walls, Dubrovnikreach the Croatian coastline. Croatia was all but off-limits to yacht charter during the years of Serbian and Bosnian conflict, but today, the nation is growing steadily as a popular destination for yachts at all price points. Whether you want a motoryacht or a sailing yacht, our experts can help you find one in Croatia and discover all the natural beauty that this nation’s coastline has to offer.

While most of the shoreline in Croatia is rocky, it is stunningly scenic—and your inland tours can include multiple untouched national parks and UNESCO Heritage Sites. More and more of the coastal towns are beginning to offer top-notch restaurants, as well, featuring local cuisine as well as international dishes.

Dubrovnik Inner Harbor            As far as charter yachts go, the available fleet in Croatia continues to grow. Let our experts help to ensure you choose a top-notch charter yacht in this developing coastal vacation region. Please give me details of suitable yachts.

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