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Experience next-level bliss while island-hopping through the Bahamas, the perfect tropical destination for a yacht charter. Enjoy the laid-back Bahamian charm that can only be found in this archipelago, where you can explore the Big Major Cay to see world-famous swimming pigs, snorkel with notoriously friendly nurse sharks, and taste local island delicacies. Bareboat chartering is mostly limited to The Abacos. The cruising ground is smaller than The Virgins and very shallow (even a 5-foot draft can be a limitation) but the area is well protected by a reef and a chain of low lying islands. Marsh Harbor is the principal town, airport and harbor. From there you can cruise between Lynyard Cay and Treasure Cay, visiting islands such as Elbow Cay (Hope Town) and Man-O-War Cay, each with their own community, both ashore and on liveaboard yachts. If the weather is settled, you can cross a short passage of open water and explore the northern part of the cruising ground to Spanish Cay. The weather is more like Florida than the Caribbean and temperatures can vary considerably, particularly in the winter when a north wind can sometimes make it too cool to sit on a beach. The best weather is generally in April and May. Crewed yachts normally cruise in Eleuthera, The Exumas, or The Berry Islands, but we can help you plan almost any itinerary. Once away from the towns, the islands are remote and undeveloped, with coral reefs, beautiful beaches and blissfully little else.

Cruising Grounds