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Visit St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Union, Petit St. Vincent, Carriacou, Grenada and other fabulous Grenadines sailing destinations.
Grenadines Vacations

Before airports were built on the smaller islands, Grenadines vacations started in St. Lucia, requiring a 45 mile open water sail to the cruising ground, so the area was traditionally considered more suitable for the serious sailor. Though still less protected than The Virgins, charterers can now fly into St. Vincent and experience uncrowded Grenadines sailing in short, 2 hour sails. Less developed than other areas, with fewer resorts and restaurants, this cruising ground offers beautiful unspoiled islands, lovely beaches and some excellent sailing. The Grenadines are south of the normal hurricane route if you are considering a charter between August and late October. Crewed or bareboat Grenadines vacations - the real way to experience the flavor of these lovely islands.

Guidelines for arranging a Grenadines charter - what to ask:
What type of yacht should I charter? If starting from St. Vincent or Canouan, the sails between islands are short (the longest is around 3 hours) and in many cases reasonably sheltered. This is therefore a popular area for both bareboats and crewed yachts. Bareboat requirements are slightly higher than in the more sheltered Virgins - if you feel your experience is marginal, this is a great area to take a crewed boat. Many boats base in these islands and the crews know the area well. Large motoryachts can charter in The Grenadines, but generally this is not a good area for powerboats.
The differences between a bareboat and crewed yacht charter.
Where should I start and finish my charter? The bareboat bases are in St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Canouan and Grenada. St. Lucia and Grenada are both roughly a day's sail from the prime cruising area, and the open passages can get quite rough. If you have a choice, sail from north to south, to avoid heading into the seas (particularly from Grenada). Crewed yachts generally start in either St. Vincent or Canouan and can either sail one way to Grenada or take a circular route finishing where they started.
What does it cost? Crewed yacht prices for a 7 day charter start around $1200 per person for a party of 4 (see sample). A more luxurious yacht around 60-70 feet will average $2500 - $3000 per person (see sample). Per person prices will be lower for parties of 6 or 8 (see sample).
How do I book? All boats look great on the internet, so it is important to use a broker who knows the boats and crews personally and can give you unbiased advice. The crew is generally more important than the boat, particularly on smaller charters. A good broker will ensure your money is kept in an escrow account rather than given to the boat, and can make sure you use the correct contracts etc.. We have 33 years experience in arranging Caribbean charters. The next stage is to tell us what you are looking for so that we can send you a selection of yachts that fit your requirements.

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