Ed Hamilton & Co.

Catamaran Company Extra Charges


CDW – The Collision Damage Waiver and the DDW – Dinghy Damage Waiver

Yachts less than 50ft – $74/day
Yachts over 50ft – $84/day

Refundable Damage Deposit:
A $1000 refundable damage deposit will be charged at check-in at the base and refunded after your charter ends.

Cleaning Fee: under 50ft – $220, 50ft and larger – $355
Starter Kit: $55 per charter
Cruising tax $6 pp/day
VISAR $10/per charter
Nat’l’ Parks Permit $25-55 wk – depending on number of guests. Add $50.00/day for charters less than 7 days. Cellphone Rental $10
Fuel and water are additional.
Payable to Customs:

Environmental and Tourism levy $10 pp – collected on arrival at port of entry.
Departure tax $50 per person from airport and $20 per person from ferry.


Sleep Aboard: 1/2 of the daily rate.

Air Conditioning: $850 per week

Skippers: $205/day; Instructional Skipper: $220/day. Skipper meals are additional.

Payment and Cancellation Terms:
Initial deposit: 25% of charter fee
Second Payment: 25% of the charter fee due 90 days prior to start date
Final payment: Due 60 days prior to start date.

Cancel more than 90 days from departure: $599 penalty
Cancel 60 to 89 days from departure: 50% of charter fee is charged
Cancel 59 days or less from departure: No refund