Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

Why book your crewed yacht charter through Ed Hamilton & Co?
1. The success of your charter depends largely on how well the
broker has matched your requirements to the boat and crew.

There is no substitute for many years of experience and a personal knowledge of each charter yacht and her crew.
Any boat and crew can look good in a brochure or on a web site.

2. Choosing a suitable crew can be more important than selecting a boat.
A good crew can make up for a mediocre boat but the opposite is not true. We only recommend crews that we know and can describe from first hand experience.

3. Greatly increased security.
Most charter yachts operate outside the USA. In almost all cases we keep your deposit in an escrow account which is not released to the yacht until just before the charter. We strongly caution you not to send money to a boat directly. This does not imply that boats are dishonest, but things can go wrong and accidents do happen - it can be very difficult to get your money back after the fact.

From choosing the right boat and safeguarding your money, to helping you receive fair compensation if there is a problem, you have more security booking through us than you would as an individual.

4. Selection.
With over 1200 crewed yachts currently chartering on our database, we work with a much larger selection than can be seen on the internet or in yachting magazines.

5. Experience and reputation.
Since 1972 our staff have been involved in every aspect of the charter industry, from running major Caribbean bareboat companies, designing and selling charter yachts, to teaching sailing, skippering charters and running stateside booking offices.

We are well known in the industry for our high standards and are regularly acknowledged to have a reputation second to none.

6. Volume.
Each year for the last 12 years we have booked more Caribbean crewed yacht charters than any independent agency worldwide.
Try our services and find out why.

7. Strong connections.
Ed Hamilton has been a board member of CYBA for many years. Barbara and Emily are also members. Ed is also a long time member of the prestigious AYCA - which operates under strict guidelines for your protection.

8. Travel discounts.
Because of our volume, we can often get those 'hard to get' dates when flights are technically sold out. In many cases we can package the flight with the boat and further reduce your cost.

We simplify every stage of the booking process.
From the initial boat selection, presentation of all paperwork and cost summary before confirmation, credit cards and escrow deposits, to detailed discussions of menu and wine preferences for each guest, and our hotel recommendation/reservation service, to arranging your flights at reduced rates - we make the booking process simple and personal.

Our services are always free,
yet our unbiased, independent advice and 33 years of charter experience can make all the difference to your vacation.

You may already have a boat in mind, either from a friend's experience or browsing on the internet. Our comments may even confirm your decision, but by booking through us you get an up to date, independent opinion of the yacht and crew, plus extra security, free literature (including a cruising guide), packaged flights, escrow protection, the ability to pay for your charter with a credit card and all our other services.

We provide security, guidance, experience and convenience - at no cost to our customers.

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