Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

Book a cruise ship or charter your own private crewed yacht..... two very different vacations.

Private yacht vacation

Enjoying a fully crewed yacht charter A vacation on your own private crewed yacht
Visit remote beaches and islands that cruise ships and hotel guests never see. Wake up in a different pristine bay each morning. Enjoy breakfast in bed or watch the world wake up from the cockpit. Sail, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, explore ashore or just relax in a hammock. You set the pace, the itinerary and the day's activities, day by day.
Snorkeling during a crewed yacht charter
Dance under the stars on a beach after enjoying a fabulous dinner created by your personal chef, exactly to your preferences.
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A Cruise Ship vacation
Passengers on a typical Caribbean cruise vacation sail with 1000 to 2000+ other people, from port to port, where they are greeted by throngs of merchants eager to make a quick profit and tour buses to take them to the same old sites. If you long to see the true beauty of the area, with just your friends, book a private Caribbean cruise. It costs no more to have a yacht to yourself.
Remember, if you want to visit those duty free stores, we can book your return flight from St. Thomas or St. Martin and you can spend your last day shopping at your own pace without the cruise ship crowds. As a savvy traveller you might even get a better deal!
Please suggest some suitable boats and crews
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