Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

A private Yacht Charter makes the perfect Honeymoon Cruise.

Visit remote beaches and islands that cruise ships and hotel guests never see. Wake up in a different pristine bay each morning. Enjoy breakfast in bed or watch the world wake up from the cockpit. Sail, snorkel, scuba dive, hike, explore ashore or just relax in a hammock and enjoy being pampered. Take a picnic on a private Caribbean beach. You set the pace, the itinerary and each day's activities, day by day. Dance under the stars on a beach after enjoying a fabulous candle lit dinner created by your personal chef. Tortola or Tahiti, we can arrange a truely romantic honeymoon you will never forget.

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honeymoon sailing vacationMany crews specialize in honeymoons and love to pamper their guests. Tell us about yourselves and your plans, and we will recommend a boat and crew. We look forward to helping you plan the wedding or the honeymoon of your dreams!

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honeymoon vacationThe true private get away for those who don't mind cooking and are comfortable sailing, or handling a boat the size they want to charter.
If you are unsure of your boating skills, simply fill out our resume form.

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Guidelines for arranging your crewed charter honeymoon - common questions:
Will we have enough privacy on a crewed honeymoon yacht charter?: The crew's quarters are separate and have their own facilities (except for some of the smallest boats). Crews that specialize in honeymoons want to make this a week you will always cherish and really enjoy providing those special touches, whether it is bringing you breakfast in bed, planning a private beach picnic, or sharing their favorite snorkel spot or hiking trail. They will sense when you want to be alone and respect your privacy. With a crew aboard you really don't have to worry about the running of the yacht or where the next meal is coming from.
How much time do we have to explore ashore?: The crew will make suggestions but the itinerary and each day's activities are totally up to you. Often the next day is planned over a cocktail the night before! You can be as active or as relaxed as you want. After a full day of shopping or a night of partying, the crew can find you the perfect quiet beach to hide away by yourselves.
How are the menus prepared?: Before the charter we send you a preference booklet asking you about all the things you enjoy, including separate food/wine/beverage preferences for each of you. The chef prepares the menu to reflect your preferences.
Can we talk to the crew before the charter?: Certainly. You can indicate in your preferences the best time for them to call and the phone number to use. This can be a good time for you or the crew to clarify any menu requests and just to get to know each other.
What is 'reasonable bar'?: If the charter fee includes 'reasonable bar', the yacht will supply house wines, beverages and spirits. Particularly fine wines, champagnes and liqueurs are additional. A boat's house wines will vary with the price of the yacht, but generally run between $15 - $25 per bottle.
Planning a Caribbean Island wedding?: This can be arranged before or during your charter - see wedding requirements for your particular Caribbean wedding destination.
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