Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

Guidelines for arranging a mega yacht charter - what to ask:

Where can I charter? Virtually anywhere, but the popular spots are The Caribbean (November-April), Mediterranean (May-September), Florida/Bahamas (year round), New England (June-September), Thailand and S.E.Asia (year round but May-October is the windy season), Australia and New Zealand (best November - April).

What is a megayacht? Definitions vary. We consider any yacht over about 90' that accommodates a small number of guests in luxury as a megayacht.

What does it cost? Prices start around $4,000 per person plus expenses, for 6 guests, for a week. For a 160' yacht, expect to pay $14-18,000 per person for 10, plus expenses. Larger yachts can cost considerably more.

How do I book? Selecting the right broker is crucial. Ideally your broker should be independent of any yacht fleet, should take the time to listen to your requirements and have the personal knowledge to suggest just the right yacht. Make sure your money will be held in a secure account and that the broker uses the correct contract. We are members of the prestigeous 'American Yacht Charter Association' and have been honored by Conde Nast Magazine. Although we book charters all over the world, we are primarily known for our intimate knowledge of the Caribbean where we book more charters than any broker worldwide.

Please suggest some suitable boats and crews
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