Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

A Private Yacht Charter can be the Ultimate Gourmet Vacation.

Guests are always amazed by the culinary masterpieces prepared by charter chefs. Many charter chefs are graduates of fine culinary schools from all over the world and particularly enjoy a charter where food is the principle focus. Crews take great pride in preparing and presenting each meal in a new and exciting way. Depending on guest's requests and the style of service preferred, we can match you to a top gourmet chef specializing in your style of cuisine, from traditional French with all the sauces, to minimalistic Californian, or the very best vegetarian to Asian Fusion.

(please mention that food is important when filling out your requirements)

Guidelines for arranging a cruise for gourmet guests - what to ask

Will we be able to talk with the chef before the charter?
Yes indeed. We send you a preference booklet with a detailed meal questionnaire for each individual guest. The chef will design a menu taking into account everyone's requests. On this same form you will be asked for the best time for the crew to call you, which they will do just before the charter.

How detailed should my preference requests be?
Chefs take these preferences forms seriously so please fill them out carefully and in as much detail as possible. This is also a good place to specify any wines you particularly enjoy. Most boats carry quite an extensive wine cellar, but can get any special wines if this is an important part of the charter.

Can a chef work around my special diet?
Absolutely, but once again communication is key. A chef will take great care to work within diet restrictions but needs to know in detail what they are. Strict Kosher diets can be difficult on smaller boats due to space, but not impossible.

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