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The Mediterranean

is the most popular place in the world for summertime yacht charters. Western Mediterranean countries including France and Italy are well-developed in terms of yacht charter, while Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Croatia, Greece and Turkey continue to grow in popularity for charter yachts of all kinds. Whether you want to cruise among quaint villages, anchor in colorful harbors, tour ancient ruins, or enjoy hotspots bustling with nightlife, there is a Mediterranean charter for you.

Charter rates jump to their highest levels in the world during the premium Mediterranean cruising months of July and August, but there are always good deals to be found, especially if you cruise “off-season” in the usually beautiful months of May, June, September and October. Even better, the crowds dissipate with the heat during those same times of year, so you can enjoy an even more private, personalized charter experience, too.

Sailboats and powerboats alike are available in the Mediterranean. In places like Turkey, traditional motorsailers called gulets are an option—and are considered to be one of the best charter values in the whole world. In trendier locations like St. Tropez and Monte Carlo, you can charter onboard some of the biggest, most luxurious motoryachts in the world.

No matter what kind of yacht you charter, you will be blessed with more places to explore than you could cruise to in an entire year. Outside of Greece, which boasts a nation of island groups unto itself, the majority of Mediterranean cruising is coastal. Your yacht’s itinerary may include destinations such as Spain’s Balearic Isles, France’s Corsica, or Italy’s Sardinia, Elba and Sicily, but for the most part a Mediterranean charter means hugging the coastline and cruising from city to city, town to town, and village to village. Some of the harbors boast shops and fine dining, some are filled with local fishermen and motorbikes, and still others house the remains of ancient amphitheaters and villages that you can tour on foot.

Still unsure which area to choose? Check out our additional details for planning your Mediterranean bareboat or crewed charter, then select a specific area below to learn more.

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