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Corsica and Sardinia

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Old harbor, Ajaccio, CorsicaThese two Western Mediterranean islands are often included on the same yacht charter itineraries even though one is part of France and the other is part of Italy. That’s because French Corsica sits just above Italian Sardinia on a map, much like buttons on a shirt. Their proximity to each other, though, has not diminished the unique culture that each of these islands offers to charter guests who enter their many picturesque harbors. You simply can’t visit one of these two islands without wanting to visit the other.

Corsica is so enchanting that it goes by two nicknames: “The Island of Beauty” and “The Scented Isle.” It draws the eye as much as the soul from charter yachts that cruise to Corsica, thanks to some 200 beaches that are part of more than 600 miles of shoreline. There are mountains inland, too, and they make for a stunning backdrop as your charter yacht approaches the islands or “poses” for photos just offshore while you cool off with a swim. Natural beauty is one of Corsica’s main selling points for tourists, so the islanders protect it by keeping the coast Fruit stand, Corsicamore pristine than mainland cities that have become virtually overrun by sprawling resorts.

Sardinia is the Mediterranean’s second-largest island, right behind its Italian sister Sicily to the south. As with Corsica to the north, Sardinia is replete with natural beauty including beaches that have long drawn tourists from mainland Europe each summer. Sardinia has also historically been something of a hotspot destination for top-dollar megayachts whose charter guests want to enjoy more pristine natural scenery than mainland France and Italy can offer. Hence the upscale restaurants and shops you will find in many of Sardinia’s towns, which flourish continually with an ambience that appeals to everyday visitors and millionaires alike.

Corsica and Sardinia are separated by the Strait of Bonifacio, which is about seven miles wide. Its beauty is also legendary, but its wind The Moorings bareboat charter base, Corsicaand waves can be treacherous at certain times, even during the popular charter months of July and August. If seeing the Strait of Bonifacio is something you would like to do during your yacht charter, then our experts can help you organize an itinerary that will allow your captain to get into the Strait at various times over the course of multiple days, taking advantage of the best weather possible to keep you safe and secure onboard your private yacht.

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