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Southwestern Italy and The Amalfi Coast

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Positano, Bay of NaplesThe entirety of the Amalfi Coast, as this 30-mile stretch of southwestern mainland Italy is known, has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its stunning natural beauty. It’s something to see by yacht charter even if you never step foot onshore—but of course, the great thing about yacht charter is that you get to view the coast from a distance as well as up close and in person. The three main towns that attract charter yachts in this area are Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

            Positano was not a major tourist destination until the 1950s, when author John Steinbeck wrote about the former fishing village for Harper’s Bazaar magazine. You may also recognize it from the popular movie Under the Tuscan Sun, part of which was filmed in and around Positano’s picturesque harbor. Today, the town is one of Italy’s main coastal hotspots, the St. Tropez of the The Amalfi Coastsouth, if you will, boasting top-dollar restaurants and hotels. You can enjoy what you like of them before retiring to your private yacht each night to watch the harbor lights dance along with the local visitors. More pictures of The Amalfi Coast

            In the town of Amalfi, you’ll likely be as impressed by the scenery as the manmade offerings. The harbor where your yacht will enter is actually part of a deep ravine with spectacular cliffs climbing around it—and colorful shops and houses climbing up along the cliff sides themselves. You can enjoy the scenery while sitting on your yacht’s private deck and sipping on a cocktail made with Limoncello, a lemon liqueur that is produced in the area (and, ironically, contains absolutely no lemon juice).

Amalfi Harbor            Ravello has long been a haven for writers, artists and musicians, and every summer the town hosts a two-month-long festival that showcases everything from photography to orchestral music. Now known as the Ravello Festival, the annual event previously was called the Wagner Festival in honor of German composer Richard Wagner, who once visited the town.

            The town of Ravello also is a lovely place to hold a wedding or renew your Catholic ceremony vows during a charter, particularly inside the Duomo, a sculpted white marble building with a jaw-dropping presence both inside and out.The Square, Amalfi
More pictures of The Amalfi Coast

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