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National Park, St. John

St. John is famous for its 5000 acre national park, donated
to the nation in 1956 by Laurence Rockefeller.
Through his insight, the center of the island is still unspoilt,
with very few houses and roads to scar the skyline.

Cruz Bay is a busy and rapidly developing town but the rest
of the island is less comercial than the other US Virgin Islands.

Most of the popular beaches are on the north shore but there
are several lovely anchorages on the south side.

North Shore Beaches, St. John

Trunk Bay is one of the most photographed beaches in The VI.
Leinester Bay is a popular night anchorage with some
excellent swimming and snorkelling spots.
History abounds in the islands. The Anneberg Mill is a
reminder of sugar plantations and the slave trade.
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