Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

The San Blas Islands - a totally different experience.

Here you will find unspoiled islands inhabited by the Kunas, a traditional society of Native Americans. Most of these tropical island are small and many are surrounded by coral reefs. A vacation in San Blas could include a stay at an uninhabited island, a fishing tour, dancing or swimming and diving in its crystalline waters. Shopping should include purchasing a Mola which is the dress of the Kuna women . They are handmade with materials and threads of brilliant colors. Many are truely works of art. The main staple of the islands is the coconut which the Kuna sell and still use for trade. While sailing you will see the Kuna 'commuting' to and from the islands in their dugout canoes.

The dry season in San Blas is from January to May with June to December being rainier and with more humidity.
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Guidelines for arranging a charter in San Blas - what to ask:

What type of yacht should I charter? There are currently no bareboat fleets in The San Blas Islands and relatively few crewed charter yachts base there. To get the most from your charter, it is important to select a crew that is familiar with the area and its people. The local indians lead a very different life style with their own customs. A chance to get to know a civilization that is less affected by the modern world.

Where should I start and finish my charter? Fly to Panama City and from there, take a small plane (often a charter flight arranged by the crew) to meet the boat.

What does it cost? Prices are comparable to crewed charters in the Eastern Caribbean but finding a boat is often a problem
How do I book? This is a unique cruising ground so it is particularly important that we discuss the area with you carefully before booking a boat. A charter here can be a rewarding experience for those that want to experience a different culture before it disappears.

All boats look great on the internet, so it is important to use a broker who knows the boats and crews personally and can give you unbiased advice. The crew is generally more important than the boat, particularly on smaller charters. A good broker will ensure your money is kept in an escrow account rather than given to the boat, and can make sure you use the correct contracts etc.. We have 33 years experience in arranging charters and are based right in beautiful Wiscasset, on the Maine Coast. The next stage is to tell us what you are looking for so that we can send you a selection of yachts that fit your requirements.

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