in the Pacific

The Society Islands of French Polynesia offers some of the finest sailing in the
South Pacific.
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The last Polynesian Kingdom is also known as The Friendly Islands. Visit underwater canyons, volcanos and much more.
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A unique group of over 300 beautiful islands, mostly uninhabited.
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New Zealand
Sheltered waters, easy sailing, safe harbors and beautiful islands and beaches.
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The Whitsunday Islands have a perfect year round climate, tranquil tourquoise waters and world famous diving.
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Thailand is the new popular destination for a sailing adventure and represents good value. Mayasia is a paradise for beach lovers and sailors. Beautiful scenery and a colorful culture.
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The Tahitian islands are the most popular charter destination in the Pacific. The bareboat bases are all in Raiatea, a short plane ride from Tahiti (travel time from Los Angeles is about 7 hours). From there you can cruise to Huahini, Bora Bora and Tahaa. Passages between these islands are in open ocean (Raiatea to Bora Bora is approximately 25 miles) but each island is surrounded by a coral reef and once inside they offer sheltered cruising to the beautiful off islands (known as motus). French is the principal language and the preferred time to charter is between May and September. Avoid the rainy season in January / February. This is a beautiful area, unspoiled even when compared to other less travelled areas of the world. Prices ashore are high and supplies are limited. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

Tonga is another beautiful, remote and unspoiled bareboat destination. The cruising ground is about the size of The Virgin Islands and is fully enclosed by a reef, so offers protected sailing. Charters can be combined with a vacation in New Zealand which is a relatively short continuing flight. Tonga is sometimes considered a year round destination but the best sailing is between May and November. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

Fiji is an exotic destination of over 300 islands located the tropics of the southern hemisphere. Most of the islands are uninhabited and lie closely together allowing for easy sailing days and privacy. As in the other islands in the southern hemisphere the food can be costly, especially if you want to eat american style. Eating like the natives is a bit more reasonable, mostly fish and fresh fruits and vegetables. The best sailing is March to November with the rainy season being December to March. Winds average 10-20 all year. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

New Zealand:
You can sail from the Bay of Islands Maritime Park in the north to the Hauraki Gulf, Aukland, covering 150 miles of sailing. Roberton Island in the maritime park is beautiful with 2 lagoons where you can snorkel in their underwater traills. Oke Bay is surrounded by tall cliffs and has a pristine beach with great swimming. The many more sheltered and safe anchorages, and most have water deep enough that you can anchor very close to shore. Being south of Australia the season is a bit shorter with the best weather November to April and winds at that time normally 5-15 knots. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

The Whitsundays offer more than you could wish for in sailing and scenery, and all in a superb climate and a wonderful environment located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. There are with over 100 islands and islets to visit. Anchorages are seldom over 10 miles apart and you can choose between a secluded bay or an exclusive resort.There are masses of exotic fish and marine lifeto observe while diving/snorkeling in the fabulously clear blue waters of Butterfly Bay on Hook Island or go to the southern end and explore the caves and waterfalls .The beaches on these islands cannot be beaten and Whitehaven Beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. May through August are the coolest months. The rest of the year is warm and the northeast winds vary 5 to 20 knots. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

The Similan Islands off the coast of Thailand offer an awesome array of reef formations and is a popular world class diving site. In Phang Nga Bay enjoy the spectacular sights of limestone statues, called Hongs, rising above the waters. From Krabi south to Turatao there are endless sandy beaches and inlets. Also plenty of coral and marine life to make for excellent snorkeling. Plenty of reasons why this area has become so popular. While warm all year long the sunny dry season is November to April with 5-20 knot winds. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

An archipelago of more than 100 islands in the Indian Ocean, it is an area for the more experienced sailor as the islands are a good distance apart and passages can be a bit challenging. The island of Mahe and beaches, plantations and mountain range. Outer island of Praslin and La deque have huge graniteboulders sitting on secluded white sand beaches and azure blue waters. With over 900 species of fish it is a divers heaven on earth. The best season is November to mid March when winds average 5-20 knots. Please give me details of suitable yachts - or return to top of the page

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