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The Mediterranean is the most popular place in the world for summertime yacht charters. No matter what kind of yacht you charter, you’ll be blessed with more places to explore than you could cruise in an entire year.

Mediterranean destinations include the Greek Islands, Croatia, Sardinia in Italy, Corsica and the French Riviera, the Balaerics in Spain, and Turkey. Spend your yacht charter vacation hugging the coastline and cruising from city to city, town to town, village to village, or island hopping in Greece and Croatia.

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First-hand Knowledge

There is no substitute for many years of experience and personal knowledge of each charter yacht and its crew. We regularly attend Crewed Yacht Charter Boat Shows where we personally inspect the yachts and meet the crews. Our 50+ years of industry experience and first-class reputation provide us access to endless Client feedback from previous charters as well as a network of other industry professionals to ensure we recommend the most suitable crews and yachts for your crewed yacht charter vacation.

Impartial Advice

We are an independent booking agency for crewed yacht charter vacations. For several decades we have been offering clients suitable choices for a crewed yacht charter vacation handpicked from thousands of individual private crewed yachts. With no ties or commitments to any company or yacht we’re able to provide impartial advice on how different crewed yachts and crews compare so the customer can make an informed decision for a memorable crewed yacht charter vacation.

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