Caribbean Sailing Vacations by Ed Hamilton

View Boats and their Crews - you can access information in four ways

#1. View examples of a wide range of popular crewed yachts,
with basic information and a link to the yacht's website. Customize your search using the drop down tabs at the top of the page. Find a few boats that look interesting and mention them when you tell us your requirements. We will email you our own much more detailed descriptions of these yachts and include examples of other similar yachts our staff feel you might want to consider.

#2. Access limited information on the full list of yachts on our database which can be useful if you are looking for a specific boat name or want to view a website. If you want full information on any yacht, email us or use our request form. Our brokers can advise you on its condition and suitability for your party.

#3. Search for a yacht. This search engine includes a large number of boats available for charter, but like all third party databases, availability can be out of date and yachts may not be open in all locations shown. We certainly do not recommend all yachts listed but let us know if any look particularly interesting, either by email or by using our request form. We can tell you if it would be a good choice for your party.

#4. There are over 1100 crewed yachts on our database. You might want to simply give us your requirements and have one of our brokers start you off with some suggestions. All boats look great on the internet but our staff will have seen the yacht and can really give you some helpful advice.

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