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An article written by our staff and featured in The Charter Connection

Ed - July 2009

We see many lovely yachts in this business and it is easy to become jaded, but occasionally one yacht brings us back to what's important. Sapphire did exactly this when I saw her a few days ago.

I first saw this glorious yacht in 1996, the year she was launched, and for me, she was the star of that year's Antigua Show. She disappeared for several years, sailing around the world, but she is back in New England and keen to charter.

Like many people, I thoroughly enjoy sailing Beneteau 50s up the Francis Drake Channel, but this pales when standing behind the wheel of a yacht like this. Every sailor needs to do this just once. Her glorious flat decks stretch out ahead and acres of sail strain from her towering 124' single mast. Such power, but with all the comforts and civilization we have come to expect.

The huge cockpit really can accommodate everyone in comfort, with plenty of leg room for even the tallest guest. The pilot house has a settee with beautiful views and a dining area for when the weather is less than perfect. This leads to a comfortable, traditional salon using the full 22' beam of the boat. The quality and feel are from the 1920's, with varnish you can see your reflection in, but she has the convenience and gadgets of a modern yacht.

Guest accommodations are all forward. The four double berth cabins are almost equal. Amidships port is the master, which is marginally larger. The other amidships cabin is the smallest, while the forward cabins are identical. All except the master have an additional single pullman berth above.

She is captained by James Murphy, who also captained the owner's previous yacht, the legendary 'Whitehawk'. His wife, Amy, is the engineer. Flip Banford is the excellent chef. Her love of sailing and down to earth attitude fit this boat perfectly.

And the price? For eight guests, she's $5,000 per person per week including all meals. She is not inexpensive, but for the keen sailor, she's truly something to aspire to. We can think of no better sailing craft to cruise the coast of Maine or 'power' out to Nantucket and the Cape. She plans to be in The Caribbean next winter.

If this sounds interesting, email us, or request more information. We would love to tell you more about this yacht!

All photographs taken by Ed Hamilton.

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